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Explain how important the right tennis racket plays for a tennis player to succeed.

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Summary In sport, the aim for every athlete is to win and to do the best in what ever the chosen sport and area is. In order to do this, the athlete needs to have access to as much help that is needed to reach his/her goals. This could mean have the best coaching, play on the best surface and make practise look as much like a real match as possible, and also to be able to use the best equipment that is available at the time to suit the athlete. For a cricket batsman, it may be a cricket bat, for a footballer it may be football boots, and for a tennis player it could well be a tennis racket. These things could make a major difference in the playability of the athlete, as much as being number one and champion. The chosen topic in this report is tennis. This report will go into depth in and explain how important a role does the right tennis racket plays for a tennis player to succeed. Furthermore, it will show all the ways in which the tennis racket is likely to fail and all methods that are undertaken in order to prevent these failures from occurring. Introduction Tennis is one of the most popular and most loved sports which is watch and played all around the world. ...read more.


The impact of this is the most extreme of the failures and normally leads to frame breakage. Just to give an idea of what type of damage is caused by these actions, below are two pictures showing the damaged rackets used by Goran Ivanesevic (a player famous for slamming rackets on the floor) in one match: 4) Bad contact with the tennis ball Bad contact with the tennis ball, in other words hitting the ball no where near the sweet spot of the racket could result in string breakage. This could happen at any point of a tennis match, be it while serving, returning or even just playing a normal stroke. When this happen in a tennis match, the racket cannot be repaired immediately and this is why professional tennis players normally come prepared for this by bringing three extra rackets with them. On the left is a photograph of an old tennis racket with three broken strings which are a result of bad contact with a tennis ball. 5) Loose Strings Getting loose strings is bound to happen to every tennis racket. Depending on how often the racket is used, the strings will become looser and looser and eventually need changing. Another way in which the strings become loose is if the racket is left exposed in either extreme hot or extreme cold conditions. ...read more.


Strings Breakage String breakage, performance and performance degradation can be frustrating and costly. The tension on the strings to go on the tennis rackets is custom and all depends on what kind of player the user is. The materials which strings are made from vary but below is a list of the most popular of all along with the good and bad points of each one: - very good resilience - not as durable - expensive - sensitive to weather - good resilience - semi-durable - middle price range - okay resilience - durable - low price Today's tennis strings are made from either cow gut or from combinations of polymers, which are sometimes reinforced with titanium. Tennis strings made from natural gut remain the most favoured and also most costly tennis strings on the market. Strings made from polymers are called "synthetic gut" and advertised for their "gut-like playability". Tennis aficionados often claim that synthetic gut still cannot match the performance of natural gut. The major material that tennis strings are made from is Natural cow gut. Other materials include combinations of polymers, sometimes reinforced with titanium. As can be seen from the table above, the most preferred tennis strings are made from natural gut but however, they are the most costly. Strings which are made from polymers are known as "synthetic gut" and are advertised for their "gut-like playability". ...read more.

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