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Explain why all athletes will respond differently in different situations

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Kieran Bentley Professional Sports Person Assignment 2 Task 1 Explain why all athletes will respond differently in different situations * A footballer gets tackled late by an apposing player: A football player could react in a number of different ways, depending many different factors. In a high profile game like a world cup match, there is an enormous amount of pressure put on players. The world cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, with thousands of TV cameras, media hype, huge advertising campaigns, millions of pounds and not to mention the entire country plus other countries watching watching your every move. It is a huge ask for professional footballers to keep there head and to stay focussed. Football players are not robots, they are human beings all with different personalities, if you put any player in a high pressure situation, and they will all behave differently. Here are a few examples: * DAVID BECKHAM: The England captain in the 1998 World cup, was famously sent off after 'lashing out' after an opposing player caught him late in the tackle. At the time, Beckham was a young player with relatively little experience in major tournaments, still learning the ropes, he paid dearly for a split second of madness. Maybe if he was an older player with more experience or if the manager had taken a bit of extra time in talking to the player about pressure situations, then this might not have happened. ...read more.


Instead, the players tried to use the cameras to get themselves out of trouble at the expense of Brian O'driscoll's. Recommendations on how athletes should act in the future * David Beckham: at the time, Beckham was a young player, even though he had media training and his mental preparation, Beckham still managed to lose his cool and lash out. In the future, I believe that the coach could try his best to protect young players, a lot of pressure was but on Beckham as a young gifted player. Perhaps in the future the coach could try and shift the pressure onto more experienced players in the squad. Older players have been in these situations before and have seen what can happen to players who lose there cool in pinnacle moments. * Rivaldo: Rivaldo was a player with great intelligence and experience, he was idolised by many young people throughout the world. The player knew full well what his actions would cause, and eventually he was fined for those actions. In the future, coaches should put more responsibility on older players, especially the best ones, not only do the represent the team, and they represent the country and the future generation who aspire to them. Play acting is not a part of the game people like to see, young people copy it. ...read more.


9. You must obviously have a plan for your career, what's your next step? "Right now im just thinking about the present, I said earlier that I would like to look at a team in the Championship, but im a Blackburn Rovers player, and I just want to keep working hard and hopefully get a chance in the first team." 10. How do you feel about the positive comments Mark Hughes has given you lately in the press? "Mark Hughes is a fantastic Manager, and to here positive comments from him is a fantastic boost for me, I just hope I can continue my good progress and eventually my knock on the door will be answered." Evaluation * The interview went quite well, I think I gave some good questions for the player to answer * It was interesting to here the players response to questions on the media * The player has been well trained in and has had a lot of experience now in answering questions. * Perhaps in the future, I could asked some more challenging questions, an example would be on how he felt when he was sent on loan, perhaps even ask the player what he thought of the manager at that time? * Players often think that they know best, so if he is in disagreement with a manager's decision, it could be interesting to see how the player responds. ...read more.

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