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Explanations of sessions I have chosen Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so it can fit into Mike's weekly plan. As he has training for his club o

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Explanations of sessions I have chosen Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so it can fit into Mike's weekly plan. As he has training for his club on Thursday and he is playing matches on Sundays. I set my training sessions to give Mike a rest before his game on Sunday, as I don't want him tired for his game and also I want to keep his motivation high. Also I have given Mike a rest on Monday after his game. This will keep his motivation and enthusiasm as there enough gap in between each session. Each session will last 2 hours to give me enough time to help him meet his aims, Wednesday training session will only be 1 hour. ...read more.


Also it gives Mike a change to socialize as we want Mike to be happy. On Tuesday Mikes training will be at the gym, and as there is a large area for relaxation with sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, swimming pool all located in the gym. After every session I want Mike to go and relax even if it's only for an hour, as it is good for muscles it cools them down after a hard work out. On Wednesday I will be concentrating on Mike's fitness and speed by telling him different tasks to do, each task will incorporate one on these components of sport. I won't be working Mike for an hour solid I will giving Mike rests in between activities. ...read more.


dribble thought cones and shoot at the end. I know that Mike enjoys shooting as he is a striker so I will place that at the end of the training session as Mike has something to look forward too, keeping his motivation up. In all my training sessions I will be following the principals of sport; S - Specification -This means is the training right for you sport. P - Progression - This is where you increase the weight you are lifting or the time you are running for. O - Overload - This is when you train your self to hard to improve. R - Reversibility - This means if you stop training then you will lose all the fitness you have built up over the training programme. T - Tedium avoidance - You want to not always do the same things in the training, avoid boredom. ...read more.

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