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Explore the strengths and weaknesses of the coaching sessions and show the practical use of techniques and equipment to improve performance.

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Assignment 3 Explore the strengths and weaknesses of the coaching sessions and show the practical use of techniques and equipment to improve performance. Activity 1 It was relatively easy to establish the strengths and weaknesses that were there during my first coaching session. The speed in my first session was not really up to scratch, as I spent a substantial amount of the time allocated on explaining the drills I had set and as a consequence spent hardly any time on my final drill. For the next coaching session I take, I sense it could be relatively more beneficial if I was to deliver a more brief explanation on the drills, granting me more time to expend in observing the techniques of the various players and correct them if necessary. This will also afford me more time to give demonstrations / visual guidance; and thus give the group a more logical understanding of what they are doing. ...read more.


As the group of players consisted of a mixed level of playing ability the more established players grew bored due to having to go through drills they found no trouble at all accomplishing. I sense it would have been more professional to set drills that were likened to all levels in ability to affirm continuous level of learning and with that interest. The quality of equipment was another weakness factor that arose in my session. The shuttle cocks were mostly worn out which made them non aerodynamic and the a few the badminton rackets size of heads looked to be some what vandalized. For my next session I shall attempt to get hold of better quality rackets and shuttles from the sports department. Activity 2 According to the feedback I received from my assessor, it became evident although my enthusiasm, personality and demonstrations were up to scratch; the drills were a bit to unchallenging and basic for the more advanced players. ...read more.


Come the closure of the session, I elaborated to the pairs on how I believed they had done, what I felt they did well at and what I believed they needed to work on. This was so they could go away and feel not only had they achieved something but yet with a little more practise and commitment might still be able to develop their game. With all this said, there were weaknesses evident during the session. A factor that arose was that I didn't make some of the drills difficult enough for the two technically advanced players. This may have come across badly as the better players might not have enjoyed the session as much. (Or learnt much) Probably the most vivid weakness I had, was failing to be clear with reiterating the need for the players to input what they had learnt and picked up from the drills in to the match free play at the end of the session. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ronaq Sachde BTEC National Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science ...read more.

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