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Factors Affecting Individual Performance and Participation in games.

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Factors Affecting Individual Performance and Participation in games. The following factors can have an effect on a person's participation in games: * School (notes have already been made) * Changing Attitudes * Social Groupings * Leisure Time * Facilities Available (to be covered later) Task: Read through the following notes and then answer the questions at the end of each section. Please answer each set of questions on a different sheet using a new heading each time. Please write your answers fully in sentences. Consider how many marks each question is worth as to how much you need to write. The questions should be finished and handed in on Tuesday the 7th November along with your coursework (all sections). School - Questions. 1. Explain how your experiences in PE can have both a negative or a positive effect on your participation in sport later in life (2) 2. Name 5 different roles that a pupil could take within a PE lesson (5) 3. For key stage three PE explain what areas of activity are covered and the aims of PE at this level (7) 4. For key stage four PE explain what areas of activity are covered and the aims of PE at this level (4) 5. Explain what benefits can be sought from extra- curricular PE i. On a representational basis and ii. On a recreational basis (4) 6. Name one benefit of examination courses for i. The image of PE and ii. Pupils who have an interest in PE. 7. Explain what benefits links with sports clubs can have and why this is necessary (3) 8. Explain why cross- curricular links are important for pupils (2). 9. Name and explain 3 ways that a school could cover the cost of its sporting activities (3). 10. Explain how curriculum constraints can have a negative effect on how much time is available for PE (2). ...read more.


* Lack of role models for people to emulate. If there are no role models in an activity this is less likely to encourage people to participate. * Not seen as glamorous activities. What effects do sports bodies or organisations have on changing attitudes? Sport England. * Previously known as the Sports Council from 1972 to 1996. * The aims of the ENGLAND (one of 5 sports councils) Sports Council was to: o Increase participation o Increase number and quality of facilities o Develop excellence in sport. To do this they needed to collect the facts (participation rates, excluded groups and facilities), set goals to improve the situation and take action to achieve these goals. * They did this by writing policies such as in 1988 they wrote a document entitled into the 90's where they had goals to achieve by 1993. * In 1972 they began a 'Sport for All' campaign where their aim was just that. They also had a number of campaigns shown below that were aimed at different groups, with varying success, although they are not used much nowadays. Year Name of Campaign Theme and target group. 1975 Sport for all the family Encouraged activities for the whole family 1978 Come alive Emphasised good health through regular exercise 1981 Disabled people Promoted sport for people with disabilities 1983 50+ and all to play for Encouraged older people to take part in physical recreation 1985 Ever thought of sport? Focussed on 13-24 yr olds who were missing out on sport 1987 What's your sport? Produced detailed information about where to take part in sport. 1990 Women in Sport Concentrated on the needs of women in sport. 1991 Year of Sport Coincided with a number of international events in the UK (including World Student Games- Sheffield) * When the National Lottery was set up by the Government in 1995 to raise extra money for good causes, sport was named as one of the good causes to benefit from Lottery money. ...read more.


o More flexible working hours. o More part time work. o More people are taking early retirement. * At home: o Labour saving devices are reducing the time spent on domestic chores. o People can work from home saving on travelling time. o Home shopping and banking via the T.V., phone and internet. o Convenience cooking and convenience foods. Due to the increases in leisure time there has been a resulting need for a growth in the leisure industry. Providers of leisure facilities fall into three categories: * The private sector: o There are many different types of leisure provider in the private sector, each having the same purpose- to MAKE MONEY. Examples include * Private health clubs * Fitness Centres/ Gyms * Bingo * Cinema's * Bowling Alley's * Theme Parks * Hotels (often with health clubs) * Local authorities o Leisure facilities controlled and run by local authorities that are non- profit making. Examples include: * Leisure centres * Parks * Gardens * Museums * Swimming Pools o Local authorities also tend to have concessionary rates for the unemployed and older people during off- peak times. These groups have more leisure time but less disposable income to spend on leisure activities. o Local authorities may also provide facilities such as a cr�che (often free) to encourage mothers with small children to use their facilities. * Voluntary Organisations. o These are also non- profit making. Examples include: * Youth Clubs * National Trust Leisure Time - Questions. 1. What is leisure (2) 2. How has leisure time increased (1) 3. Give some of the reasons for this increase and explain why these effects do actually increase opportunities (5) 4. Explain the aim of private leisure providers and name three different types of leisure opportunities they provide (4) 5. Explain the aim of public leisure providers and name three different types of leisure opportunities they provide (4) 6. Name some of the target groups that public providers make provisions for, explain what provisions they make and why this is useful. (5) ...read more.

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