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Fitness and Training

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Fitness and Training Fitness and training are the foundation for most sports in this modern age, the key fitness and training components are aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, strength, power, body composition, agility, balance, co-ordination, and reaction time. I will now explain what each of these components mean. I have chosen a 100m runner, and a striker in football to give examples what these mean in different sports. Aerobic Endurance Aerobic endurance is the ability to perform over a sustained period of time. Aerobic is 'with' oxygen which means you breathe whilst exerting your energy as opposed to anaerobic which is 'without' oxygen, which means you don't breathe for example during a sprint. 100m Runner - This athlete does not need this attribute unless training, as he is required to exert 100% throughout. Striker - The striker needs this attribute to perform constant sprinting runs behind the defence for the whole 90mins (plus stoppage time). Muscular Endurance Muscular endurance is the ability to perform against resistance for a sustained period. 100m Runner - Sprinting requires a 100% quick burst of pace, and this requires good muscular endurance. Striker - A striker needs good muscular endurance to effectively last 90 or even 120 minutes on the field. ...read more.


Striker - This athlete needs good agility in his legs and his feet to fool players and beat them. Balance Balance is equilibrium, or the equality of distribution. 100m Runner - This athlete needs a good centre balance to stay in their lane at a high speed. Striker - This athlete needs good balance to control awkward passes and get a strike on goal when under pressure from a defender. Co-ordination Co-ordination is to be able to perform a number of tasks in a logical order or at the same time. 100m Runner - This athlete needs this to keep is feet correct and in a well timed pattern. Striker - This athlete needs good foot-eye co-ordination to bring the ball under control and judge the ball through the air. Reaction Time Reaction time is a stimulus. 100m Runner - This athlete needs this to react efficiently to the gun and get the best start possible. Striker - This athlete needs this to react to a shot if it is parried by the keeper and to make his attacking run when the ball is played through. Cricket Player (Striking/Fielding Games) ...read more.


Therefore, the fitness and training components are very different in these two sports. Boxing (Combat Sports) A boxers main attributes for a 12 round fight are aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, power, co-ordination, balance and agility. There are a lot of components that a boxer must have because it is such a demanding sport. The athlete needs these components because he has to last 12 rounds constantly moving, punching, and getting punched. All these components are vital for a boxer because if he doesn't have endurance he won't last, if he doesn't have power he won't affect the opponent, if he doesn't have balance he will be knocked to the floor easily, if he doesn't have co-ordination he won't be able to effectively land a punch on his opponent and if he doesn't have agility he won't be able to dodge his opponents punches. Boxing is unique compared to sports such as cricket and rock climbing because there are a lot more vital components required to be successful at the sport. In boxing the opponent determines your fitness as well as yourself for example, if the athlete has superb endurance but takes a heavy hit to the stomach his energy and breath will decrease dramatically. It still has the common factor of competitiveness to cricket and rock climbing though. ...read more.

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