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Fitness entry tests undertook by the Ayrshire fire and rescue service

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Fitness entry tests undertook by the Ayrshire fire and rescue service Test 1 - Chester Step Test Description / procedure: This test is designed to measure our aerobic capacity (i.e. your body's ability to use oxygen efficiently to activate the aerobic energy system which provides energy to the muscles for prolonged periods). This test is also an accurate indicator of the health of your cardiovascular system (i.e. your heart, lungs and blood circulation). Scoring: You are required to step on and off a 30cm step for a period of up to ten minutes. The minimum acceptable standard upon entry to the Fire Service is 45 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute. During the test pulse rate will is continuously monitored. Every two minutes the pace is increased and your pulse rate is recorded. Following the test your recorded pulse rate will be used to calculate your Aerobic Capacity Equipment required: heart rate monitor, tape and tape player, bench and preferably a gym Validity: I do not feel that the validity of this is fair because it measures 80% of a person's heart rate during physical exertion. I mean there is nothing that can be done to control nerves and if you were to go into the test terrified then you could have already failed the test before it had even started. ...read more.


Equipment required: A 25 meter fire hose and maybe a full fire fighters uniform. Validity: This test is very valid because it has to be done six times by each person. Reliability: This is a very reliable test when you look at what is testing which is a persons ability to carry out a simple task relating to the job which they have to do and how quick that person can do it. Accuracy: this is a very accurate test as it only sets out to set a how quick a person can complete the test. It is though to take into account that if the test is conducted outside which it probably, is then the weather. Advantages: It gives the person being tested a chance to get to grips with a task that they will probably have to deal with on a regular basis and it gives the examiner a chance to se how well the subject can deal with the task in hand. Disadvantages: It is probably a very time consuming task especially if it requires testing large groups of people. Test 6 - Claustrophobia Test Description / procedure: Involves completing a physically challenging and progressive route wearing a mask which obscures your vision. Scoring: The scoring of this is recorded by getting the quickest time possible Equipment required: A full fire fighters uniform and stopwatch Validity: I personally don't think this is a very valid ...read more.


How a person can improve to pass the fitness test and comparing the fitness tests It is vital that we prepare for the physical tests in plenty of time if we want to give ourself's the best chance to succeed. The role of Firefighter or police officer requires you to be of an above average level of fitness. Dependent upon your current level of fitness it may take some considerable time to reach the required standard so if you want to pass the required fitness tests it is important to start doing fitness training at the earliest stage possible not only this but factors such as eating healthy not over eating and becoming over weight can also help us improve our fitness level so that we can successfully pass the fitness requirement for our chosen public services. In comparison to the polices physical fitness tests you can clearly see that the firefights fitness requirements are much higher a good example of this is if you were to compare both services bleep test requirements, the police service only ask for a minimal of level seven on a fifth teen meter track but the fire service ask for 9.6 on a twenty meter track which clearly shows that its service is much more physically demanding to back this point up even more if you look at any of the fitness tests that both the police and the fire service cover you will clearly see that the fire service requires higher fitness level than the police service. ...read more.

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