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Football and tennis - scale of economic importance, funding, mass media, and major trends.

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Lucy Cartlidge Unit 3: The Sports Industry The two sports that this assignment will look at are football and tennis. Throughout the assignment we will look: * at the scale and economic importance of my two sports * the organisation and funding of each sport * the importance of the sports for the mass media * the way in which the mass media have influenced each sport * major trends in each of the sports We are going to look fully into each of these aspects for both football and tennis. We will compare some of the information in each sport to see if any similarities exist. Looking at data and figures will demonstrate my findings for each sport, e.g. the amount of people who participate in the sports. Organisation and Funding Football Organisation FIFA is the overall governing body of football (Federation Internationale de Football Association). It is in charge of the governing bodies that exist. Such as UEFA (Union des Associations Europeennes de Football), they are the body that looks after European football such as the Champions League. They are involved in the organisation of the World Cup qualifying of all the European countries. Each continent will have a governing body that will look after the football there such as Asia. Below UEFA are the smaller governing bodies such as the FA (Football Association) who are in charge of the leagues and clubs. The FA's are situated within a country so Scotland would have a Scottish FA, as would Italy, the Italian FA. Funding Football gets it funding in many different ways. Such as, through sponsorship deals, TV rights, Ticket sales and merchandise sales. Football is a very wealthy game; the amount of money it makes is phenomenal. Sponsorship is a huge business that brings in most of the required funding for teams and clubs. Every team in every league will have a sponsor whose name will appear on their strip. ...read more.


In the USA women's football is actually a lot bigger than the men's, one of the highest paid sportspersons in the USA is a female footballer. The results of FIFA's survey: Totals - in 1000's AFC: Asian Football Confederation CAF: Confederation Africaine de Football CONCACAF: Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football CONMEBOL: Confederation Sudamericana de Futbol OFC: Oceania Football Confederation This survey shows the sheer scale of football in the World today. It is an absolutely massive game that will keep growing. Scale and Economic importance Tennis Tennis is a very popular sport throughout the World. There are four major tournaments held annually, the US Open, the Australian Open. The French Open and the biggest of them all, Wimbledon which is held here in Britain. People come from all over the World to compete in such competitions, the standard of play is extremely high and there is fierce competition. The amount of money involved in such tournaments is phenomenal. For example the US Open has just increased their prize money to $850,000 to the men's and women's singles champions and the money for the doubles champions has gone up to $350,000. Europe has a huge tennis following with millions participating: Tennis Europe has 48 Member Nations * Population of Europe - 850,000,00 * Tennis Players - 25,000,000 * Licensed Players - 12,000,000 * Licensed Junior Players - 2,500,000 * Clubs - 38,000 * Courts - 205,000 These figures show the scale at which tennis is played. It is an enormous sport. A lot of people get involved because of the amount of money that can be gained from competing. Professional tennis players earn vast amounts each year. The 2001 leading money winners for both men and women has just been released. To show the amount of money we are discussing we will give a few examples of the amount of money that the players have earned this year: Men's At number 50 in the chart is Franco Squillari from Argentina; he earned a mere $402,140. ...read more.


They made people think he was some kind of monster, this is just one story, but by looking at it you can see that the media is a very powerful tool. It is not just football that has been affected by the media many other sports have as well. The false-starting rule is being changed in January 2003; this just shows that sports will change the rules to any extent to get more money from the media. Pay per view is another aspect that has influenced the way people watch sport. It gives the viewer an ultimatum, they either pay to watch or they don't watch at all. It never used to be like this a few years ago, you could watch all your teams' games on terrestrial television. People now can't follow their teams without having Sky television. There is nothing football can do to change this as they know without this coverage they will lose a lot of money that they really can't afford to lose. The ways in which the mass media have influenced tennis Tennis has not been influenced by the media as much as football has. The game has not changed in hundreds of years. It is a traditional game that will not change its rules for the media. It has though been approached by the media to change the way it is played. They wanted tennis to get rid of the advantage point so that the when a player gets to deuce the next point is the winning point. The reason for this is that tennis matches are very unpredictable therefore it is unlikely that the game will run according to the TV schedule, this is what the TV companies don't like, they like sports that run to their time. With the advantage point a game could drag on for hours. There is no telling when it will finish. The companies did put pressure on the tennis governing bodies to alter the rules, but because it is such an enjoyed traditional game throughout the world they would not ease up to the demands. ...read more.

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