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Football is enjoyed by millions of people every week and the football association is committed to developing the game at all levels to, ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to play.

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GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT Football is enjoyed by millions of people every week and the football association is committed to developing the game at all levels to, ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to play. There are currently: -3 million participants -40 000 registered clubs -2 200 leagues -11 500 registered coaches The football association has put a wide range of initiatives in place to help establish the development of the game at grass roots level through the National game division (established in 2000.) National League System England probably has the most competitive league structure anywhere in world football, with around 40 000 clubs in 2 200 leagues. The national league system describes the structure of the competitions below Football league level. This includes relegation and promotion ensuring clubs can progress (if they are good enough) from the lowest local league to the Football League. A key function identified by the F.A. is to support the development of the National League System is the provision of support for development of the administrative capabilities of leagues and clubs. �12 million is being invested to improve this. On 11/7/02 the F.A launched one of the largest schools football programs of its kind in the world. ...read more.


County youth cup is a competition for representative youth sides of County football Associations. Giving the best young players involved with the grassroots of football their chance to shine. As part of this Charter for Quality all Premier league clubs must have academies and all league clubs must have centres of excellence (at least). By building the best traditions of this country and learning techniques from abroad the F.A. has built a framework of excellence employed across the country. Football Academies Thirty-nine football academies are currently in operation. Nineteen football league clubs have academies as well as all the Premier league clubs. These bring together the best young players to give them quality coaching, education and medical care that gives them the best chance of success. For the key features of a football academy see next page under centres of excellence list Centres of excellence All league clubs (except those with academies) must have centres of excellence. 53 are currently operating predominately at league clubs, offering young players high standards of training and development. Centres of excellence have been in existence for many years but the F.A. Charter for Quality programme has introduced and enhanced standards. Key factors of an enhanced Centre of Excellence and Football Academies Child protection All staff to be screened and registered Each centre to ...read more.


Players must not wear hearing aids -Cerebral palsy-Players must be ambulant. 7a-side, 2 halves of 30 mins -Learning disabilities- players must have an intellectual disability (IQ below 75) -Amputee-outfield either above or below the knee single amputees and goalkeepers are single arm amputees The teams all receive official England kit, a physio a fully trained technical adviser and money towards travel costs for attending European and World champion ships. The aim of this is to see EVERYONE have the chance to play football even if they have a disability it doesn't stop them taking part in a separate game. CONCLUSION Overall I believe that the F.A. is doing nearly everything in its power to develop the game of football throughout the country and give just about everyone that wants a chance to play the option to participate. They are doing this through their initiatives for disabled and normal players and have made rule adaptations to fit their level sport. Although they are doing a lot, I believe they could do more by developing more courses for people who want to get involved with the more teaching side of football and make the option open for anyone who wants to attend a course i.e. coaching or referees easy access to areas close to home where they can participate. ...read more.

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