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Football Local and National Provision.

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Football Local and National Provision In my project I am going talk about football provisions available for people of different ages and abilities both locally and nationally, schemes and initiatives that are being or have been introduced and also additional bodies and agencies within football that help with these provisions. I will end the project with a critical analysis of the provisions available and compare them with each other and also with the provisions available in other countries. Grassroots Development Currently there are over 2 million people playing organised football regularly, The Football Association is determined to get the highest participation rates in the world and is investing millions into getting children into football while young by providing opportunities for them to play through new schemes and initiatives. The Football Association encourages children to get into football through three main ways; mini-soccer, schools and football club courses. Mini-soccer is a version of football for children between the ages of 7 and 10 years old played on a smaller pitch making it an excellent introduction into football, as all players are able to participate. The Football Association has introduced two programmes to help develop football in school: F.A. Topsport and Charter Standard Schools, The aim of F.A. Topsport is to provide equipment, training and assistance to primary schools and special needs schools in the country over the next three years. ...read more.


They are in partnership with other bodies such as the managing agent for the Football Scholarship Programme and the Football in the Community Programme, which has been existence since 1986. (APPENDIX 4 gives details of the role of the PFA.) The PFA is also involved in anti racism campaigns and drug awareness programmes Kick it out is a national anti-racism it was started by the commission for Racial Equality and the professional footballers' association in 1993 in order to challenge racism in football both on and off the pitch at all levels of the game. (APPENDIX 5 outlines the history of black Britain and black football history) The PFA has helped in the development of anti-racism initiatives in football over the last decade and co-founded Kick Racism Out of Football (Kick It Out) (APPENDIX 6). It also helps fund the Show Racism the Red Card initiative that works closely with players, clubs and young people. (APPENDIX 7 shows professionals views on racism) Provision for female. Competitors Women's football is the most participated female sport in the country and also the fastest growing. There are approximately 90,000 registered females playing football in this country, Director of the National Game Steve Parkin says, " I think the numbers playing women's football could easily double in the next five to ten years" In order to improve the quality of women's football in England, the F.A. ...read more.


The FA need to target girls in schools and make them feel that football is enjoyable as at the moment not many young girls take part in any outside school. In America several US media companies and individual investors with the help of 20 of the USA Woman's' World cup winners started up the WUSA in 2001 and there for they receive considerably more television coverage than there English counter parts. Disabled football also suffers from lack of coverage because it does not appeal to spectators, it only receives coverage when an international team is successful and even then it is minimal. I don't think that disabled football will ever become a spectator friendly sport but with more publicity there could be an increase in participant as those people with disabilities learn about opportunities there are for them to play football. Also there is no provision for female disabled people to play football that I know of which is a situation that should be rectified. Overall I think that football needs more funding at grassroots level to improve the quality of players playing at the elite level for male, female and disabled teams. (APPENDIX 11 shows the history of INSEP and the facilities available) * http://www.fulhamfc.co.uk/ * http://www.fsf.org.uk/ * http://www.kickitout.org/index.html * http://www.thefa.com/ * http://www.srtrc.org/ * http://www.thepfa.co.uk/html/index.cfm * http://www.freespace.virgin.net/chelsea.fitc/ * http://www.wimbledon-fc.co.uk/ * http://www.charlton-athletic.co.uk/ * http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/getyourkiton/field/scout/academy.shtml * http://www.nads.org.uk/ * http://www.insep.jeunesse-sports.fr/indexmsi.php ...read more.

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