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Football : My Strengths and Weaknesses

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Strengths and Weaknesses To be able to analyse myself playing football I need a lot of feedback from my parents friends and myself. I realise that my parents and friends may be biased so I will concentrate on the feedback from knowledge of results and from intrinsic feedback from myself. I got my parents to watch me play football against some of my friends and then asked them to tell me what they thought were my strengths and weaknesses. I also got the friends that I was playing against to give me their judgement of my weaknesses. This feedback from them and the intrinsic feedback from myself helped me draw up a table of strengths and weaknesses. I found that there were more strengths than weaknesses but my overall game could be improved as a whole if I was to be coached at a high level. ...read more.


Misreading some balls kicked over defenders. E.g. if it took a deflection I wasn't ready for it. Table for defending Strengths Weaknesses Good tackling ability. Rarely missed or miss timed a tackle. Fell for some dummies. Good strength to holds off attacker Beaten to some headers. Good marking ability. Kept on the man I was marking and didn't let him get a shot in. I had a habit of sticking out my leg, which caused deflections. Read the ball quickly, therefore getting to it before the attacker. Made a few fouls, usually from behind These tables show my motor skills, the physical part of my game. They don't explain the three other parts of my game, my perceptual and cognitive skills and my overall fitness. ...read more.


Whilst defending I also did okay as I had tactics, such as, making the attacker face is own goal, but I didn't really have set plays, although I had a marking system set up with the other defenders. Therefore I believe that my cognitive skills can be improved by setting up some set plays or by working with the same defenders and attackers more often. Fitness My overall fitness throughout the game was good. It deteriorated towards the end as fatigue set in but my fitness could have been a lot better. I therefore need to improve my fitness and also improve things such as strength and power in certain areas of my body, e.g. my ankles. In order to achieve this raised level of fitness I will have to go to the gym and build up the muscles that I think are weaknesses. ...read more.

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