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Four situations that could affect a professional sportsman

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Four situations that could affect a professional sportsman Injury In a professional sportsman's life it is likely that at some point they will receive an injury. This can result in either the sportsman having a lengthy lay off or the extreme result is a player having to retire. Injury is the most common cause of a player's retirement, and also down to this situation players are made to Miss Major Tournaments such as the world cup (football). Injury especially in football is becoming more common, experts blame this on the increasing demand of technology for example football boots are becoming a lot lighter and due to this manufactures are sacrificing protection to the feet due to this metatarsal injuries are becoming increasingly more common. ...read more.


Many of the England players were racially abused during the game. In sport ageism has always been a key factor to weather a player is picked or not and this type of discrimination is a key factor that could effect a professional sportsman. This type of discrimination is when a player is left out of a team or an event because he/ she maybe to young/ old. Social Life's/ Fame Often enough a professional sportsman's career is very glamorous by the way in which they earn a good salary and enjoy the industry that they are in. ...read more.


Another example of this was Paul Gascoigne where experts said could have been better if he hadn't of let drugs and alcohols interfere into his profession. This is another key factor of general life that can affect a professional sportsman in a negative way. Illness To the day their have been very few cases of severe illness that have been key factors to the development of a players development. Most illness are human nature and are normally unpreventable. The only example of a similar case to the modern day was Dean Richards who was at Tottenham when he was diagnosed with Cancer to the ear. This illness was cured but unfortunately for him he never played football again. Dean later claimed in court and was granted sufficient conpensation. ...read more.

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