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Fox Hunting - Field Sport Or Blood Sport?

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Lokman Lee Friday 25th October 2002 Fox Hunting - Field Sport Or Blood Sport? An important issue nowadays is fox hunting, whether it should be banned or not. Groups of people against fox hunting called Saboteurs say that it is cruel whilst others say it is just a country sport. Is fox hunting a blood sport or a field sport? Fox hunting is when people train dogs and let them chase foxes, eventually killing them. The people will follow the dogs, some walking by foot and some mounted on horsebacks. This sport has been around for centuries and quite a popular type of sport. It has been part of Britain's history. The sport is challenging and exciting, yet cruel. Foxhunters say that fox hunting has been part of Britain for centuries. ...read more.


This causes the hound to go very hungry and try to catch foxes quicker and then eat them. However, the supporters of fox hunting say that they do not whip their hounds to train them. The hounds are trained to be fit and healthy so that they could keep up with foxes. Another issue is that if farmers don't kill the foxes, their population would go up and ruin farms. Some supporters also say that hunting benefits the countryside because it helps preserve hedges, woods and copses. Foxhunters also mentioned that using dogs are a more humane way of killing foxes, without dogs the farmers would have to use less humane ways to kill the foxes such as gassing and shooting. On the other hand, the Saboteurs say that 13,000 foxes are killed from fox hunting every year; as a result, this will decrease the population of the foxes every year even if they ruin farms and the countryside. ...read more.


Most of all, it gives the participant a positive experience. Alternatively, there are also some disadvantages about fox hunting. Some foxhunters appear to be training their hounds quite "cruelly". Some starve their hounds for a couple of days. Others whip them. Another point is that more foxes are killed every year. The population of foxes are decreasing rapidly, one day leading to the path of extinction. It's quite clear that fox hunting is cruel but yet, it is still part of Britain's history. This is why I think that fox hunting is a field sport and should be kept to represent Britain. If Saboteurs think that fox hunting is cruel, what about fishing? Is attracting fish to bite a sharp hook then forced out of its home in water on to the dry heated land not cruel? Even though I think this, it is my opinion; many may have different views that disagree with me. I respect their ideas. Thank you for reading. ...read more.

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