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Fox Hunting.

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Fox Hunting Fox hunting is a field a blood sport in which up to thirty hounds, accompanied by mounded followers pursue a fox. In Britain the season runs from September to March. From this you can see that the season only goes on during certain parts of the year giving foxes time to breed and enjoy the summer months. The hounds pursue the fox by scent. A hunt can last from anything from twenty minutes to over two hours. A fit strong fox can up to 15 miles, a hound can easily cover between sixty and seventy miles. Despite all the debating the majority of foxes do get away. The history of fox hunting relays back to the 4th century B.C. when the Persian's chased foxes on horse back for the enjoyment and for food. The introduction of hounds began in England during the16th century as it saved time. Professionals in the sport feel that this debate will not be solved within the next fifty years. ...read more.


Some 250,000 foxes are killed every year by one means or another. You can not change the predatory instincts of foxes or the views of farmers or gamekeepers who seek to protect their stock or game. If hunting were abolished the fox population would be managed by other ways such as snaring or shooting, largely with shotguns. Against Anti-Hunt Campaigners, consider that hunting foxes is nothing more than a cruel blood sport enjoyed by the few. They argue that foxes are not the menace, & a number of people feel so strongly about it that they become hunt saboteurs in an attempt to disrupt hunts. To this end both anti-hunt & pro-hunt lobbies are large in numbers & the feeling is so high that the government find themselves in the middle of a difficult situation, to whatever way they turn. Many MPs and others have been misled into believing that there is widespread public support for a bill to ban hunting. ...read more.


As it provides a welcome source of income as well as one of the most important focal points in the community. Each hunt's supporters' club brings together hundreds of men and women from all social backgrounds in a way which few other sports or activities could match. On the whole many people are against fox hunting but feel no reason for the sport to be banned as its your choice to get involved or not. It has been around for so long that there is not much point banning it now, the only reason for people worrying so much is because of the way in which the fox is killed and would prefer a more humane way in which it is done. A recent poll, which involved one hundred members of the royal veterinary surgeons, revealed that 66% of them didn't see any problem with hunting. From this essay you can see that hunting needs to be looked at thoroughly before the eventual outcome is decided. ...read more.

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