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From and early age football has been the biggest part of my life.

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Ben Alston 20th November 2003 Physical Education Coursework From and early age football has been the biggest part of my life, nothing comes between me and football and it would take something special to get in our way. Foundation/ Participation At the age of two I was given my first taste of football, I got a goalkeeper's set for my birthday and from then on I have never looked back. I played in my back yard on regular basis with my brother just kicking the ball to each and this started to develop my skills as a footballer. At this time my brother played for a local team and when he would play on a Sunday I would go and watch him with my mum ad dad. As I grew older I continued to develop my skills and I used to go to the local park and play football with m brother and his friends. In these games I would demonstrate all the skills I possessed and people would pass comments. It was from this encouragement that I realised I was a pretty good player, so at the age of six I joined a local football team called Eccleston United. ...read more.


The first game of the season was crucial as I didn't know if I would be picked I waited patiently for the coach to say my name. I was selected in the starting eleven and it was from this time that I feel my football career started. In the first season I won the Rainhill JOL league and the St.Helens cup, the final of this cup was played against my old club and we beat the easily. This gave me a great feeling of pride not only because I new that I had made the right decision in leaving Eccleston but I h ad won more trophies to put on my already over crowded shelf. After this game my brother commented on my performance and stating "You my friend are turning into an absolutely quality player mate." This gave me the biggest confidence boost possible as it came from the one person who I regarded as a good football player. My next big break came a the age of twelve when I was selected in the Under 12's St.Helens Interleague side, for me this was a great honour as once again I was representing my town. ...read more.


So at the age of fifteen I stepped back into competitive football and began to rebuild my career with in a season I was back to full fitness and back on form and at the age of sixteen I was selected for the Under 16's interleague side where I gained my first trophy since coming back from injury. Now at the age of seventeen I continue to play for Pilkingtons F.C in the Mid-Cheshire under 18's league and I also represent the St.Helens under 18's Interleague Combination side. Also I' am currently being watched by scouts from Everton and Manchester City so I' am very much back on the road to success. Motivation Through out my football career I feel that my brother has been my biggest influence as he has trained me and moulded me into the player I am today. But it was not just him, I attended 'soccer schools' on a regular basis which where run by the governing body of the league (JOL) and other amps run by a professional clubs e.g. Everton and Arsenal. These 'soccer schools' developed my skills greatly and gave me a taste of what it would be like to be a professional football player and this is what I have strived to achieve through my career. ...read more.

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