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Good Practice in the Outdoor Industry

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Good practice in the outdoors Describe five different key concepts of good practice in outdoor adventure 1. 1. Health and Safety includes having a management of risks to prevent people from being harmed or becoming ill by taking the right precautions. I would describe health and safety as maintaining health by being safe, which involves following laws and legislations for e.g. making risk assessments of areas and activity's. There are a lot of different health and safety legislation's in the outdoor industry. One of the most important factors of any health and safety legislation is to establish a degree of 'duty of care', within health and safety a definition of 'duty of care' suggests that employees and employers have a responsibility to take all reasonable measures to ensure people will be safe. A lack of care could be regarded in law as negligence - "Careless conduct that causes injury or death to another". Reference www.hse.gov.uk 1. 2. Good coaching using correct methods involves the correct teaching of different skills and techniques e.g. a technique being taught could be a t-draw paddling stroke and methods of teaching it could be to demonstrate it, talk someone through it or perhaps move their paddle into place to show them. ...read more.


1. 4. Defacing the environment will stop people in the future from being able to use it. For example a Kenyan proverb that Charterhouse outdoor activity centre agrees with is "Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children." Which basically means we should live without degrading the environment and take care of it so future generations can use it. An unhealthy environment can trap people in poverty and cause diseases that are otherwise easy to prevent for example global warming can cause floods and drought and people can die from lack of clean water. Launching into the water in a craft such as a kayak may also have a negative impact on the environment as it could cause the sides of the bank to erode, damage vegetation and wildlife. Litter, noise, pollution, etc for e.g. from boats and vehicles decrease the quality and attractiveness of outdoor recreation areas. Also buildings for example housing and holiday cabins are built along more and more stretches of the coast that were once attractive recreation areas. Any environmental pressure that causes deterioration of the environment has a negative effect on our opportunities for outdoor activities. ...read more.


For example no one would be able to run a canoeing session unless they have the correct qualification from the BCU and although there are no qualifications for activities such as zip wires and high ropes they have all their instructors assessed by their technical advisor. Reference www.millonthebrue.co.uk 3. 3. Duty of care, child protection act, "Duty of care' is a legal relationship that exists between all of us as to the consequences of our actions on others. One of the most important factors of any health and safety legislation is to establish a degree of 'duty of care.' Within health and safety a definition of 'duty of care' suggest that employees and employers have a duty to take all reasonable measures to ensure people will be safe. A lack of care could be regarded in law as negligence - 'Careless conduct that causes injury or death to another. ''Loco-parentis' is when a person or organisation (e.g. an instructor or a centre) becomes responsible for a minor this being someone under 18 and they take the place of the parent. An example of when someone is in 'loco-parentis' is a teacher taking a group of students away from the school for perhaps a trip would remain in 'loco-parentis' throughout the trip. ...read more.

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