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Grass- Roots for Football

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Grass- Roots for Football The Football Association (F.A) is the governing body of football in England. Formed in 1863, The F.A. is the oldest football governing body in the world. Today, it exists to develop and promote the game to men and women, boys and girls, of any race or creed, throughout the country, under the overarching vision of 'using the power of football to build a better future.' They do this by making the primary and secondary schools try to get more girls and other ethnic minorities into football using the government to help them. They also use mini soccer tournaments for younger children to get boys and girls to play together. In the future the views of the children will change, such as 'Football is for boys and netball is for girls. They get funding for this by getting national companies like Coca Cola and also local businesses that want to get involved. They would fund this in exchange for the company name being printed on the equipment (Shirts, Bags and bibs). The F.A.'s job is to lead the successful development of football at every level, with the overall aim of winning an international competition; As well ...read more.


At grassroots level, the main vehicles for increasing participation and maximum enjoyment (increasing standards is a secondary aim) are: * Mini-soccer (mandatory for all under 10s playing at clubs or schools affiliated to County F.A.s) * Charter Standards programme (which aims to raise the standards of football for children provided in schools, clubs and holiday courses) More than two million children in England play football on a regular basis through clubs, schools and holiday courses. Ask any top footballer who ranks as the most important influence in their career and almost all of them would make reference to a coach past or present. Many would not be where they are today if not for the help of this coach. Whether a professional or just playing in the park on a Sunday, you cannot underestimate the importance of a good coach. The F.A. through its extensive training programmes for coaches, has always had as a priority improving the technical quality of coaching which would in turn reap rewards on the up and down the country. With techniques throughout the world becoming more and more sophistically, The F.A Football Division has put coaching at the forefront of its long-term strategic plan by ...read more.


Also each member of that team had to pay a membership fee to be registered at that club. * Smaller organisations that are running a scheme could apply for a grant off the Sports Council. * They can ask for a development grant for special events or programmes. Also they can use the money to improve their facilities at their club Example From new equipment like football nets and footballs to new changing rooms at the clubs playing pitch. They can get these grants from the 'Foundation for sport and the Arts' or from the 'National Lottery fund'. * The big clubs like in the Premier League, Division one and even Division two make a lot of money from their sponsorship deals. Example Liverpool signed a sponsorship deal with Carlsberg worth �50 million over 7 years and clubs in the lower divisions would be grateful to get a deal worth a couple of hundred thousand pound. * Also all league clubs get money that is vital to their survival in football of Television rights. I know this because last season many clubs in lower divisions went bankrupt due to ITV Digital's own bankruptcy. David Roberts Mr Carter ...read more.

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