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Health screening questionnaire and muscle analysis of two individuals

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Health Screening questionnaire 1. What gender are you? Male Female 2. What age group? <16 17-25 26-32 33+ 3. Have you had any previous injury? Yes No If yes what?_______________________________ 4. Have you got a current injury? Yes No if yes what injury? ___________________________________ 5. Have you got any illness? Yes No if yes what? __________________________________________________ 6. How often do you exercise? Everyday twice a week 3 times a week less than 3 times a week never 7. What kind of exercise you do? _____________________________________________ 8. Have you ever had to be referred to medical staff from sport? Yes no if yes why?____________________________________________ 9. Are you on any Medication? Yes No if yes what?_______________________________________________________ 10. How often do you take it? n/a every day once a week other (please specify) ______________________ Devise and use appropriate health screening procedures for two contrasting individuals. (p3) We used the inbody analyser as one of the health screening tests. We made sure it was contrasting by having one male and one female. They both had different ages aswell. So they were obvisoly going to have different results. The other tests we could of done were blood pressure kit which we did use. Peak flow metre, resting heart rate, cholesterol test and skinfold callipers. On the inbody analyser im going to talk about the female first. ...read more.


The trunk has 30.0kg of muscle which is over aswell. Right leg has 9.93kg and left leg has 9.79kg which are both in the normal part of the scale. The left leg has got less muscle because the athlete had an operation on his left leg. The legs are nowhere near as strong as the upper body. If he works out I would focus on doing exercise on the lower part of the body as the legs are supporting the whole body. Body strength The upper body of this athlete is developed as he is a well muscular person. The lower part of the body is normal but the athlete has been injured previously and had operations on his lower part of the body but if he works out on the lower part of the body the strength could increase. The muscular rating for this athlete is muscular so he has more muscle than the average person. Inbody analyser First of all you have to take your socks and shoes off before you get on the machine. Then you step on the machine and make sure that your heels are on the heel pad. Then you get the hand part of the machine and hold on to them down by your side. Then the machine analyses your scores from your height and age then makes a decision on if you are overweight or under or normal. ...read more.


From her results she needs to put on 0.9kg in weight. The easiest way is proberly to alter her diet. Girls don't really want muscle on show like lads do but can still have internal muscle. So she could do some working out in the gym by doing some weightlifing with the dumbells. Also just some normal exercise like running or light exercise will create muscle over a period of time. Her skeletal muscle mass is is very slightly in the normal range but just light jogging or walking will make this come back up. Also her body percent fat is at the top of the normal range so doing walking or jogging will lower this. Lean balance is very different to the males evaluation as he was a rugby player but the female is a student who takes who ice skating. Her upper body is more developed than her lower body so she needs to work on her lower body so its round about the same. Upper body muscle is a positive result for the male as it is above the normal range for his age, height and weight and it will provide him with more strength to hold the players off in a football match or rugby match. A weakness is that his lower body muscle weighs much less to his upper body. He needs to work on his lower body content as this would reduce the chance of injury and increase his speed and power for games or game related exercise. ...read more.

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