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Heath and Safety in sport.

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Michael Pacheco BTEC National Diploma in Sport Heath and Safety in sport Health and Safety Legislation The health and safety at work act (1974) puts a responsibility on all employers to provide a safe environment at work for their employees and is probably the main law regarding health and safety in the work place. It gives employers the responsibility of providing a clean environment to work in; safety checks on all machinery/equipment, competent trained and supervised staff and the welfare of employees at work. This law has had a massive impact on sport especially in gyms and health centres as it has provided much safer places of work out, as all machinery/equipment now has to be checked regularly for faults and all staff has to be fully qualified preventing injuries and saving lives. Failure to meet these legal responsibilities could result in criminal prosecution. The data protection act (1988) states that personal information must be obtained fairly and legally and should not be kept for any longer than necessary. ...read more.


The working time regulations law (1998) regulates the maximum number of hours worked for all employees. It also states how many breaks should be given and at what length they should be. This law gives employers the responsibility to ensure that their employees work no more than 48-hours in a seven-day week. Checks will be made to ensure this is happening over a 17-week period. The impact this has had on sport is that it has prevented people from overworking and causing themselves or someone else harm for instance if a person had worked a 7 day stretch of about 64 hours in a gym as an instructor they would be under risk of causing themselves not just physical damage and physiological such as stress but are under the risk of harming other people that they are instructing due to negligence by forgetting to check equipment or to ignore something that is a hazard due to them not being in fit state to work there fore this law is extremely important in gyms and health centres as failure to comply could lead to nasty consequences. ...read more.


The impact this law has had on sport is that now all instructors must have the right qualifications in order to teach, this has prevented many accidents that could have happened due to instructors not really knowing what their doing causing huge risks especially with outdoor sports such as climbing or canoeing. It also provides youths with a better level of coaching, as the coaches have to be qualified. The disability discrimination act (1993) requires that any sort of discrimination whether it be racial or harassment, victimisation or discriminate against someone's disability is unacceptable in general any practice that makes distinctions between individuals or groups so as to a disadvantage some and advantage others is illegal. This law has had a massive effect as it now means in sport everyone is treated fairly no matter there race, gender or disability everyone must be treated the same. This prevents people from not bothering due to them feeling out of place or leaving clubs or coaching session due to a form of bulling. Discrimination stops people playing sport and we want to promote sport and increase participation. ...read more.

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