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How can you alter your style of teaching to meet the demands of Different practices and completive situations for Individual, racket and team activities?

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Task One - How can you alter your style of teaching to meet the demands of Different practices and completive situations for Individual, racket and team activities? There are many different ways for a sport to be taught due to the performer as they can understand and respond to different types of teaching styles better than others. Also different types of sport need to be taught in different styles, as a certain sport may need to teach stricter or on the other hand more relaxed. This means the coach has to make sure they adjust their teaching to suit. The Mosston spectrum describes ten distinctive teaching styles based on the degree that the teacher and/or performer assume responsibility for what occurs in the session. 1. Command - The teacher controls all decisions. 2. Practice - Student execute teacher-prescribed movement tasks on there own. 3. Reciprocal - Partners help in some teaching/coaching prescribed by the teacher. 4. Self-check -Teacher plans and Student monitor their own performance against criteria. 5. Inclusion - Planned by teacher, student monitors personal progress. 6. Guided discovery - Teacher provides clues to solving problems. 7. ...read more.


The performer will then attempt to solve the problems and go back to the teacher with their results and then the coach will discuss the result and decide the best tactic to use. This style of teaching is use full as the performer is involved in the leaning and is more motivated and will enjoy the sport more. A racket sports such as tennis learning how to execute a serve would be shown the correct technique by the teacher. As the serve is a completed skill it should be taught in a part method to learn the important stages of the serve each stage should be shone and then the performers told to execute the teachers prescribed movement of the task in pairs. This would be known as the Reciprocal style of teaching. Also in a racket sport such as tennis you could use the guided discovery style for competitions where the teacher gives the performer clues to solve during a match. The performer will be concentrating on the clues the teacher has set he can solve them in a match situation this also helps the performer to concentrate on the areas of their game. ...read more.


Example of a professional coach using teaching styles would be Paula Radcliff's husband who uses a Learner-initiated and a self-check style as Paula decides what races she wants to do and the certain training she feels she should use. He will then look at her plain and create criteria for her so she can monitor her self on her performances. He gives Paula the freedom to train and doesn't put pressure on her unless it is needed which is rare as she is naturally motivated. He takes a laissez faire approach to relax Paula to get a good performance out of her but if she starts to lack motivation he will use the command teaching style, which is an autocratic approach. A good teacher will use the whole Mosston Spectrum and use a mix of all styles and know when to use them and when not to. But they will also need to have good knowledge of the sport their teaching and also need good leadership and motivational qualities and a good teacher should be good at dealing with change at a personal level, creating a learning organization leadership development career and life planning, managing stress, modifying communication and interaction styles increasing confidence and self-belief motivating others and building relationships of trust. ...read more.

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