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How do government bodies cater for sport development at grass roots level?

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How do government bodies cater for sport development at grass roots level? How do sports bodies get people involved? The RFU was established in 1871 and now has approximately 200 member clubs; their mission statement can be found in (appendix 1). The RFU is affiliated to the IRB, the international rugby board. The IRB is the international governing body and law making body for rugby union they are responsible for the game at an international level see (appendix 2). There is also a European rugby union board called the FIRA-EAR who fund and organise various competitions across Europe including the under-19 world championships. There are also various associations such as the BARA, the British Asian rugby association. They aim to increase participation by encouraging people from the south Asian countries living in the U.K. to take part in rugby at all levels more information on BARA can be found in (appendix 3).There are roughly 2500 rugby union clubs in England but only 853 offer a youth programme. ...read more.


Tag rugby, which is the main way of increasing participation at grassroots level, has two main sponsors these are Ford and Sportsmatch, see (appendix 8). O2 the mobile phone network are a large sponsor of rugby in England, they are currently giving the RFU �3 million a year in their latest sponsorship deal see (appendix9). There are many local clubs including Oakmedians and Bournemouth, a list of local clubs can be found in (appendix 10). Bournemouth are the largest and most successful club in the area and information about them and there sponsors can be found in (appendix 11). The path from starting playing rugby to playing for your country is sometimes a confusing one, but the basic outline is consists of: Tag rugby will be ware a young player starts they can either start by joining a rugby club, playing at a local leisure centre or by playing at school. This will then progress into a contact game with different numbers of players until it is built into a 15 a-side game, all of these games can still be played at rugby clubs and at schools. ...read more.


More information about all aspects of women's rugby is in (appendix 13). In wheelchair rugby the game takes place on a regular basketball court using volleyball, for about the rules and how it is played can be found in (appendix 14). GBWR, great British wheelchair rugby, is a not for profit charity that has been going for 20 years for the fast growing sport of wheelchair rugby. Their objective is to develop a fully inclusive sport, enabling players to achieve and reach their full potential regardless of financial status or disability. For more details about funding of the GBWR see (appendix 15). The RFU's grassroots schemes are working fairly well as there are a large amount of young people playing tag rugby that are then filtering through to the higher stages of the game. This is seen in the success of the England team in recent years in both winning the world cup in 2003 and reaching the final in 2007. however out of nearly 2500 clubs in England only 853 have a youth section, this shows that although the young players are playing rugby there are not as many as many would like to see. ...read more.

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