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Hunting deer with horses and hounds is horror: Discuss.

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Discursive Essay Hunting deer with horses and hounds is horror: Discuss. Deer hunting has been a topic that has caused many arguments and debates over generations. There is no doubt that wild deer have to be culled and controlled to stop the deer population from growing too large to a point where competition for food is necessary - this has already happened in some parts of England where furious farmers have taken matters into their own hands, but the question is how the deer should be killed? Shot by stalkers or inhumanely hunted by hounds. Deer hunting with packs of hounds has always been an activity associated with the upper classes. The hobby that many people call a "blood sport" is considered by others a traditional game that is both sociable and fun. Hunters believe that deer hunting is a classless sport that is enjoyed by many. It offers countless business opportunities for people: hotels, pubs, stables, blacksmiths and many other rural businesses survive and depend on the sport to provide jobs and employment. ...read more.


Those against hunting with hounds further argue that the use of a high-powered rifle by a stalker is much more efficient and would cause little or no stress. Deer are usually shot at a time when they are unaware of the presence of a stalker, usually when they are grazing. When the deer is shot the surrounding deer might be alarmed and run away but the dead deer would have felt little or no pain. Using a rifle is simple, fast and clean. Marksmen will not leave an injured deer in the wild. On the other hand hunters believe that shooting deer with a high powered rifle is not acceptable. Although trained marksmen state that stalking is better than hunting with hounds, mistakes can be made even if you are a highly professional marksman, leaving a deer crippled or a strong stag dead. The stalker often cannot find the deer again. Deer hunters argue they use the process of "Harbouring" where deer herds are observed and the hunt plans are made according to the health of the herd, targeting only old and weak deer. ...read more.


Hunters also state that their dogs do not have any contact with the deer because the deer would be shot by the hunter before the hounds got a chance to touch it therefore there would be no wounding of the deer. The dogs are simply there to chase and get the scent of the deer. On the other hand stalkers and marksmen can have poor aim and wound the deer causing great suffering. Unfortunately video evidence of cruelty by the League Against Cruel Sports shows this is actually a lie. Films show hounds pouncing on an exhausted deer; surrounding it and driving it into a river where the hounds still pursue it. This shows great cruelty to the deer. After looking at both arguments, I agree that deer hunting with hounds is a very important part of some people's lives. Banning this type of hunting will affect their business industry and thus causing unemployment. However I strongly disagree with the cruel methods that hunters use to track the deer therefore I am in favour of deer stalking and culling by trained marksmen. Gaia Wu 4P ...read more.

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