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I have chosen the sport of Football to study in my local and national provision; the assignment consists of 6 sub-headings; Grassroots development. Provision for pathways/for elite performance

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A Level P.E - Local and National Provision I have chosen the sport of Football to study in my local and national provision; the assignment consists of 6 sub-headings; * Grassroots development. * Provision for pathways/for elite performance. * Additional agencies and bodies. * Provision for male/female competitors. * Provision for disabled participant's local/elite. * Critical analysis/evaluation Grassroots Development The Football Association is the main governing body in England, and is responsible for all areas of football development in the country, from grassroots level up to the elite. The F.A has many schemes running in order to develop the grassroots level. One of them is 'the hat-trick programme'. This programme is running primarily to encourage youngsters into the game. The F.A have secured partnership funding from both UEFA and the Government for this programme, a three-year scheme that will see the appointment of 19 community football workers. The community football workers will work closely with schools and local clubs, and will have four priorities: - To get young people into football - To develop sustainable opportunities for children through FA Charter Standard clubs - ...read more.


For e.g. in Teignmouth the local team is Broadmeadow, from here there are places like Torquay United or Plymouth Argyle. Generally, teams like these will have a youth system running for players as young as u12. At the ages of 17,18,19, Players might make the reserve or even first team of their clubs, and be offered a professional contract. They are then considered Elite footballers. Another path into professional football is through school. Players who show potential at school will be sent for county trials, if good enough they will play for there county against all the other counties in England. The best players in the region will then form for e.g. South West England; the next level on this is England Schoolboys this forms at u16 level. After representing your country at any level you are considered an elite player. Additional Agencies and Bodies There are two additional agencies in football, FIFA and UEFA; these both contribute immensely in both funding and development of football. ...read more.


As a result, disability football is now available in Southampton, Portsmouth and Fareham, and Aldershot Town Football Club has 12 trained coaches and has obtained funding to set up regular sessions. The Devon FA have recently announced plans for the first ever Centre of Excellence for the disabled. The centre will aim to provide high level coaching for talented players and see them given opportunity to progress into one of the England disability teams. Critical analysis/evaluation In evaluation, I feel in terms of developing football at grassroots level in this country, the FA are doing a good job, they have all areas covered with various schemes in place which is sure to enhance football across England. Also the path from grassroots to elite is very well developed with the all 92 clubs in the top 4 leagues having scouts spotting young talent. As I have said football is the fastest growing women's sport and taking huge steps towards topping the table. In introducing the centre of excellence for the disabled, this will encourage participation regardless of ability. ...read more.

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