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impacts of exercise essay

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Discuss both the positive and negative impact of participating in different types of physical activity on the joints and muscles of the body (10 marks) Participating in different types of activities all have benefits and positive impacts but they can also have negative impacts as well. Sometimes when training for a sport or event a performer can over train. Especially in high impact sports an athlete can get Achilles tendinosis which is predominantly a condition of wear and tear caused by overuse training. When forces are too large and are applied too rapidly the Achilles tendon can rupture and then best option from there is surgical repair and rehabilitation programme followed after. Another injury you can get from over training is jumper's knee which is called patellar tendinosis which is inflammation of the bottom of patella where the patella tendon inserts into the bone. This condition is normally related to biomechanics (the fact that jumping is often done with the joint not moving through the anatomically correct range and plane of movement during a jump). ...read more.


Long term unbalanced repetitive trauma to the skeletal system can cause stress fractures to spine, hands or feet. This trauma can be caused by activities as simple as jogging to things such as jumping. Such activities can also cause long-term postural problems by gradually damaging the spine (hence changing its shape and functional capability). You can get postural defects such as Kyphosis which is dorsally exaggerated spinal curvature of the thoracic region. Lordosis is an accentuated, convex forward spinal curvature of the lumbar region. And Scoliosis is the abnormal lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine normally in the thoracic region. These can all be prevented by participating in different types of physical activity. Participating in physical activity can prevent someone from suffering from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes loss of mass as calcium minerals are dissipated around the rest of the body, making bones brittle and liable to break Weight bearing exercises such as weight lifting can prevent this as it strengthens the bones by increasing the bones strength and the mass. Although weight lifting is good for building the bones its not always the case as it can sometimes do more bad than good. ...read more.


There are many benefits of participating in physical activity on the skeletal system including the fact that bone tissue strengthens due to increased deposition of calcium. Thickening of articular cartilage provides greater cushioning and protection of bone ends from wear and tear. Increased range of movement at joint so therefore you can perform more difficult movements such as squats. Also these adaptations enable an athlete to progress to higher intensity impact work within training programmes such as in plyometrics and weight lifting and gymnastics. Benefits of physical activity on the muscular system including the fact that tendons thicken to withstand increase muscular forces. Your ligaments strengthen to give improved joint stability which can help with many exercises such as deadlifts. Also increase muscle mass due to muscle hypertrophy which can be gained from weight-bearing exercises. Also improved ability to maintain power output for longer, due to increased tolerance to muscle fatigue, this be useful in events such as cycling in competitions e.g. Tour De France. Improved elasticity of muscle fibres and therefore increase flexibility. And increased muscle cell stores such as glycogen to support improved performance in endurance-based such as marathon running. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joanna Belgrave P.E h/w 16/01/09 ...read more.

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