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In this assignment I am going to identify, describe and analyse some of the main techniques of a successful coach, while considering how they could be used in both individual and team sports.

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Practical Sports Coaching Task 1 Introduction In this assignment I am going to identify, describe and analyse some of the main techniques of a successful coach, while considering how they could be used in both individual and team sports. Purpose of coaching Coaching is helping to develop a person through the improvement of their athletic performance. It involves the physical and psychological development of the person to take them beyond their present level. Successful coaching To be a successful coach you have to take some of the following into account: * Planning and organisation - If you want to get the best from a coaching session it is essential that you are well organised. Before starting coaching, a session plan should be made out. This allows us to run a session in a professional and organised manner. The session plan should get progressively more difficult, not suddenly jump from relatively simple to hard with no stages in between. * Communication - When coaching it should be remembered that younger children would require a lot more help and advice than older athletes will. So when coaching we should adjust are techniques accordingly to make sure whoever we are coaching understands clearly what they have to do. * Monitoring and evaluating - Performance of the athletes should be well monitored throughout all sessions, this way a coach can adjust his/ her session according to performance. ...read more.


This will make them a good role model for their players because if a coach is aware of all this it will be passed onto the athletes. It also shows that they will be able to understand the skills and will teach and evaluate the correctly. * Motivational skills - Coaches must be able to keep their athletes motivated if they want them perform at the highest level they possibly can. If a coach can keep them motivated it means players are more likely to recognise their full potential. * Communication skills - This includes not only what we say, but what we do as well. Coaches have to consider their body language as well as their verbal communication in creating the right type of atmosphere. Issues to be considered when coaching Coaches are in a position of responsibility to make sure nobody suffers injury so it is important that coaches understand the responsibility of what they are doing. They have a duty of care to everyone they coach. There are 10 legal duties a coach should fulfil: 1. Plan the session thoroughly 2. Ensure method of coaching is safe and correct 3. Ensure the environment is safe 4. Provide good, up to date equipment 5. Check all equipment is working before use 6. Make sure nobody is suffering from an injury before starting 7. Make sure athletes are adequately prepared and warmed up properly 8. ...read more.


You might use a lighter football and smaller football because it would be easier to pass the ball with a smaller and lighter ball. You might even make the ball pink to attract their attention better. If you use a lighter ball then it is easier for them to header it instead of throwing a hard ball for them to header because it will put them of playing football. You might play indoors because it help the ball move at a faster pace than if you were outside on the grass. When playing indoors bring the players closer to each other when passing the ball because then you make sure the ball reaches the other person and the ball doesn't go all over the place and interrupt the other participants. For a 15-year-old Down syndrome child some of the equipment that might be used are, a bigger ball and play indoors. It would be better to play them indoors because it is a more compacted and relaxed space. You would be better to use a bigger ball like a beach ball for them to use. It would be better for them to use the bigger ball because they have bad co-ordination and bad balance and using a smaller ball would give them a better advantage of hitting the ball. You would also use a beach ball because it doesn't bounce as much and that means it would be easier for them to control it. . ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Stephen Logan ...read more.

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