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Information on regulations and legislations in foootball and cricket

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In our assignment we have been asked to produce information on regulations and legislations. "Select two sports from the list below:- Football, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Swimming. A. You are required to list the regulations for each of the chosen sport you have selected. B. These regulations should be described giving reasons why they are implemented. C. Describe the key legislation of your chosen sport. Explain why they are there. D. Explain the effect of implementing legislation on sport". The two sports I have chosen to produce information about regulations and legislation are as follows:- 1. Football 2. Cricket REGULATIONS OF FOOTBALL * The ball -The ball has to se spherical. It has to be made of leather or any other suitable material. * The player's equipment- A player must not use or wear anything witch can injure himself or other players (especially jewellery). * The referee- Every match is controlled by a referee who has the full authority to punish any/every player according to what he has done wrong. * Duration of the match- Each half is 45 minutes long, Which all together equals 90 minutes. After the first 45 mins there is a 15 minute break, After the 15 mins break the game resumes for a further 45 mins. ...read more.


The penalty kick I think this rule is applied to the game of football because it doesn't allow the opposition who are facing attack to foul in a very dangerous area. Free kicks I think this rule is implemented to create goal scoring opportunity whilst every player and the ball is stationary. REGULATIONS OF CRICKET * The players - Each captain should nominate his players before the toss. No player must be changed without the consent of the other captain. * The umpire- The umpire gives many decisions in the game, for example, signalling the scoring and dismissals of the batsman. He also decides if it is suitable to play under the conditions presented. * The third umpire - The third umpire is referred to if the on field umpire is uncertain over a decision who then checks TV replays to make his. * Batsman running to the same end- In the event of both batsman running to the same end and the umpires are uncertain over which batsman made his ground first, the on field umpire may refer his decision to the third umpire. * The innings - During test matches both teams will have two innings to bat over a 5 day period. ...read more.


The size is also used to make the game harder trying different techniques to bowl to the batter making him avoid the ball and hit the wickets. LEGISTLATION FOR FOOTBALL According to the football legislation there are different points that must be considered. * The blades of grass may not exceed 5 centre mitres in height * The spectators must not be within minimum of 1.5 metres * Under the FIFA'S ruling a person younger than 16 cannot participate with a under 16 in a professional match. LEGISTLATION FOR CRICKET According to the ICC there are different points that must be considered. * There should be a minimum of 7 players competing against each other * According to the ICC the umpires have the right to stop play after a minimum light level. * Also according to the ICC the bats must be made out of no other material except wood. WHAT EFFECT DOES LEGISLATIONS HAVE IN SPORT In my view legislations are implemented to make the sport easier. For example the grass should not be over a certain height limit. This legislation has been implemented to make sport easier, if they never had applied this rule then the ball would not travel as fast and would travel slow. It would also difficult to run in. REFERENCE * The FA.COM * FIFA.COM ?? ?? ?? ?? Taahir Essa ...read more.

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