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Introduction Football isan international sport, and is governed worldwide by FIFA (FdrationInternationale de Football Association). The headquarters are in Zurich,Switzerland and it was founded on 21st May 1904.

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Introduction Football is an international sport, and is governed worldwide by FIFA (F�d�ration Internationale de Football Association). The headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland and it was founded on 21st May 1904. The President is Joseph "Sepp" Blatter of Switzerland, he has ultimate responsibility for financial matters, international relations, the organisation of the World Cup and other FIFA competitions. FIFA itself is composed of various divisions for finance and services, competitions, development, communications and marketing. The current membership is 203 nations. FIFA also set the rules and regulations for the game, along with the regional and national confederations. Under FIFA, there are 6 Regional confederations. These are: AFC (Asian Football Confederation) in Asia CAF (Confed�d�ration Africane de Football) in Africa CONCACAF (the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Football Association) in North and Central America and the Caribbean CONMEBOL (Confederaci�n Sudamericana de F�tbol) in South America UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) in Europe OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) in Oceania Under these, there are 203 National Associations; these are responsible for all officially sponsored Football in their borders. These responsibilities include: Men's senior and youth national teams Women's senior and youth national teams Youth organizations Amateur and professional leagues National tournaments Soccer stadia Development Officiating Indoor soccer Any other soccer functions that are nationally specific In England, this is the FA; in Scotland it is the SFA. ...read more.


For example, Vodaphone and Nike sponsor Manchester United. Local Provision In Gloucestershire, there are many leagues, all different types of people, ranging from the Men's Leagues, to the Women's Leagues, to the Children's leagues. There are lots of different levels, ranging from the bottom, such as Longlevens, all the way to the national leagues, such as Cheltenham Town. National Provision There are over 40,000 clubs in 2200 leagues. The approximation for the number of players by the FA is 3 million. There are 11500 registered coaches. They range in size from the billion pound professional clubs like Manchester United to a tiny youth clubs from rural villages. The most recognizable of all the clubs are the top domestic league professional clubs. The League Table is structured with the Premiership and then the Divisions. This is a table of how it is structured: Additional Agencies There are many different additional agencies in England, such as: Sport England Youth Sports Trust English Federation for Disabled Sport Active sports National Coaching Foundation Sport England Sport England is the strategic lead for delivering the Government's sporting objectives in this country, and they distribute both Lottery and Exchequer funds to sport. Their vision is to make England an active and successful sporting nation Sport England is the nation's biggest supporter. ...read more.


However, there are an increasing number of both male and female clubs in England. I think that this is helped by the fact the football in England is one of the most publicised of sports in England, not only on TV, but also on the radio and in magazines. Especially nowadays, when there are so many role models that little children want to be like, such as Thierry Henry. Locally, in Gloucestershire there are a lot of football clubs, for both males and females, this is good, as there are so many people, of different skill abilities, that want to participate in football. The additional agencies, that help not only with the sponsorship and monetary sides of football, but who also do a lot more, also help with the upkeep of football in the UK, and help teams who cannot afford equipment or Kit. England is one of the few nations that actually have these types of additional agencies, especially for football. For disabled players, there aren't a lot of football type activities to participate in, however the number of teams that are starting to include the 'ability counts' is on the increase dramatically. Overall, football is a worldwide sport that is played and enjoyed by all, and all types of people can participate, which is the main factor. ...read more.

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