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Is boxing an entertaining sport, or is it a violent slaughter match between two men.

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Is boxing an entertaining sport, or is it a violent slaughter match between two men. When watching boxing either beside the ring or at home on TV, it looks safe, or so you think. Every year at least one boxer gets very badly injured. Some even get brain damage, and in extreme cases some have died. We at 'Sport on five' call for a ban on boxing. Some people don't realise, but boxing is actually two men going out to beat each other up. ...read more.


Which can lead to brain damage. If you were to look at the other sides view, you could say that boxers know their own risk, but that's not good enough. Some people have grown up and all they know is boxing. Boxing is their life. If the sport of Boxing weren't around then they wouldn't grow up and be part of that sport, they might get involved in something like soccer or rugby. Then maybe they wouldn't get so badly hurt, and ruin their lives. ...read more.


Although boxing can entail a lot of money toward boxers, and it can be entertaining, it is wrong to humanity. The thought of two human beings hit other humans as hard as they do is just wrong. So I beg you please, join us at 'Sport on Five' to ban the slaughtering sport of Boxing. We all know the consequences of this horrible sport. If you want to join us in this campaign, just call us at 07761367001. We will take your name and address and when we have enough people, we will bring this up with the European Union in Brussels. If you make the call, boxing will fall. ...read more.

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