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Is drug use bad for sport?

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Is drug use bad for sport? The lifetime achievement for many top class athletes around the world is the ultimate sporting triumph, Olympic gold, however, is this intense desire amongst sportspeople to be the best, irreversibly damaging sport as we know it? Many of today's sports have been plagued by controversy surrounding the use of illegal substances in recent years. I believe that drug abuse is extensively damaging to the practice of sport as a whole, affecting everyone who participates or views sporting activities, from the novice to the top-class professional. This is a situation in which many of today's athletes face: Imagine you're a world-class athlete at the top of your field; you are about to race in the 1500m, competing in the Olympic final and you hope that the months of intensive training and dieting will pay off. You have spent the time conditioning your body and mind in preparation for this competition, and you know that due to hard work and dedication your body is in the best possible shape. You are standing in anticipation at the start line as you take a side wards glance around you at the competition. ...read more.


These explanations are not, however, any justification for athletes to cheat, the moral choice still lies within the individual and cannot be excused. Drug use can be horrifically damaging to an athletes body. In the 60s a number of cyclists died after ingesting amphetamines during competition, the most serious adverse affects associated with this drug is heart failure. All of the drugs used by athletes are never without some serious implications to health and some can even be fatal. This proves that drug use is bad for sport in the way that our national athletes are in danger of severely damaging their bodies or even losing their lives due to the actual substances. I believe that drug use has a much more widespread and potentially destructive negative effect on sport. I believe that drug use in sport is corrupting the ideals of sport that we have long considered to be part of our national culture and traditions. Nothing brings our country closer together like an epic sporting competition, consider the street parties after England defeated Germany in the World Cup final and remember the nations joy as Linford Christie won the Gold medal in the 1992 Olympics. ...read more.


Not all athletes, however, are caught. If an athlete knew that there was absolutely no way that they would get away with taking drugs, then they would surely not attempt to cheat. This is sadly not the truth; athletes continue to use performance-enhancing drugs because the chance is still there that they will get away with it. An extreme and time consuming, but guaranteed preventative would be to test every competitor for drug use. This would however become less effective as technology advances and anti-detection procedures improve; this would result in complicated, extensive cheating in sport. This may be a rather extreme and bleak prediction for the future but I believe that the minority of cheating drug users amongst the professional athletes are in danger of destroying all the positive factors that our country associates with sport as well as their own bodies. There is obviously a huge problem surrounding drug use in sport, and something defiantly needs to be done before drug use in sport completely destructs the feelings of sportsmanship, national unity and fair play felt throughout England and the phrase 'It's not the winning but the taking part the counts' becomes totally unheard of. ...read more.

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