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justification of training programme in the gym

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Principles Of Training Justification Of Training Programme. I have chosen to base my session in the gym as a qualified instructor can then watch the performer and ensure they are performing each station correctly with no health and safety risks and monitor the effort they are putting in. All of the stations are of a low duration and intensity as the programme is for a beginner and they have done little exercise before so pushing them too hard could cause serious injury and may put them off training again. I haven't included any seat heights, because the performer is only a beginner and wouldn't know the appropriate seat height and may not remember too much information. ...read more.


Each of the stretches are drawn out and there is a breakdown of how they should be performed correctly. The first station is vertical chest which improves the strength of the pectorals and triceps. I chose 10 reps and 3 sets for the performer as that is a low intensity which wouldn't cause muscle soreness or injury. Station 2 is the compound row. This improves the strength of the lattisimus dorsi, trapezius and biceps. Once again I chose a low intensity of 10 reps and 3 sets. Next, is the leg extension which increases the flexibility of the quadriceps and also the strength of them. ...read more.


Finally to cool down the performer goes on the rowing machine for 5 minutes with 28 strokes per minute at level 1. I chose level 1 as it gradual brings the heart rate back down to normal and rids the body of any lactic acid that may have built up. The performer may also wish to do the stretches again in order to prevent muscle soreness, the stretches should be held for 15 seconds when cooling down. Overall, the programme allows the performer to get a whole body workout improving both cardiovascular and muscular endurance and generally improve all areas of their health both physically and psychologically. The way in which the programme card is set out allows the performer to train easily as the gym session is clearly set out. ...read more.

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