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Key changes in the nature of sport.

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Task 7 Key changes in the nature of sport: In the middle of the nineteenth century the word 'sport' was recognised as field events such as hunting, shooting, or fishing with the upper-class/military purposes.. "But from the 1950's onwards walking clubs were set up by a variety of organisations"-Manchester YMCA. The organisation of sport has changed in a huge way. Our world has always been affected by patterns of social inequality in the past. Gender, Class, and Race are the highlights of the key changes that have developed through out our history. And did you have black women/men enjoying a game of football with a white upper-class?; unfortunately this was how society was portrayed Once upon a time gender wasn't a subject, sport was for white men, it was a 'male' thing and women were in the kitchen and expected to respect their feminine image. But women's rights came about and from that day opportunities for women have developed. Women play sport and they are winning medals all over the world and are recognised for their talent just as much as men, but still are limited of there equality to males playing sport e.g. a male who win Wimbledon is rewarded more than a female who win's in the same event. ...read more.


The role models today are form ethnic minorities and have proved to be successful and culture is not as discriminated against and more doors are opening for this area. Clothes Education Physical education existed almost exclusively in single-sex private schools that catered to the upper classes. Callisthenics and team sports were the main activities. A few schools had sport teams for both boys and girls. Modern sports have developed in time through for stages: 1) Popular recreation (before 1790) 2) Public school athleticism (1800-1860) 3) Rationalisation of sport (1860-1919) 4) Twentieth century of sport (1920 onward) ref John huneybourne book This shows sport has proved a successful developed process. For along time Physical education has been apart of education. Sport is valuable to our history because of life's experiences and achievements it also makes you healthy. Today sport takes place in schools, colleges and universities. From 1902 the government introduced a new system of practical training which was apart of elementary schools such as the lower-class or private schools. Even though private schools were fortunate to participate, teachers will still reluctant to encourage the system. Sport was compulsory for military purposes, used in preparation for the army/navy so the kind of lessons would be much disciplined, and they would force to take part in drill activities. ...read more.


There are adverts for sport everywhere around the world. "The BBC alone devotes at least 20 hours each week, and most national newspapers donate 10-20% of their space to reporting sport." Now sport is commercialised through newspapers, magazines, mobile phones, and internet. T.V, radio, even adverts on streets and busses I could go on. Sport has become a major interest in our society and role models are used as commodities to sell fashion and because they appear on TV sport has become today's fashion e.g. .David Beckham, Anna Kournikova.This wouldn't of been the case in the 1900's because it wasn't as funded and developed and this is why sport has increased so popular. Media even publicise special events for disabled such as the Paralympics. Sponsorship today helps promote sport and fund talent. If you are an elite athlete and are likely to appear on TV your chances of sponsorship is much higher. If anyone label is shown on T.V and they know the world is watching you, and then it will promote their name and bring them money as well as supporting the athlete to success.Soncership is commercial organisation giving financial help and in the past this wouldn't of happened because their was no media so it goes to show how much of a success they both have on each other. ...read more.

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