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Local and National Essay - Football

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MICHAEL MCDONNELL 12SH Local and National Essay Grassroots Development The FA is committed to developing and supporting all aspects of grassroots football across England. In line with the Football Associations National Strategy the County FA's have produced a three year plan aimed at providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in football for life. The plan allows parents, managers, and teachers and coaches the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and gain qualifications. They are keen to develop partnerships to promote the benefits of football and improve the facilities were football is played. Working with key partners they hope to access essential funding which can be invested to increase the quantity and quality of pitches and quality of pitches and facilities providing more and better playing opportunities. To meet the demands of implementing the plan the Development Office includes a Development Manager, Football Development Officer, two part time Women's Development Officers and an Office Administrator. Developing football at grass roots level requires funding whether it's for building new dressing rooms, up-grading of pitches or simply buying a new team kit. There are a variety of funding opportunities available to clubs and organisations who wish to develop there facilities or the service they provide their members. At grassroots level football most clubs will have teams starting at a young age such as under 9's and have a team in each age group until under 16's. By having this many teams this allows clubs to have organised nights to help raise the funds available to all teams such as a race night. ...read more.


Sportsmatch is the government's grass roots sports sponsorship incentive scheme. It is funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport through grant aid from Sport England and administered in England by the Institute of Sports Sponsorship. Sportsmatch receive around �3.5 million of government funding per year and to date around �70 million has been invested into grass roots sport thanks to the Sportsmatch Scheme. Sportsmatch can match for commercial business sponsorship for a grass roots sporting event or activity. Sportsmatch acts as an incentive by offering to double the pot of money available from your sponsor on a � for � matching basis. Any not-for-profit group can apply e.g. sports club, school/college, charity, governing body of sport, local authority, voluntary groups etc. Sportsmatch can match money from any profit-distributing business e.g. a bank, restaurant, estate agent, supermarket etc. Matching awards are available between �500 and �50,000. The minimum sponsorship per sponsor is �500 and the maximum per project is �50,000. Pathways World Class Performance: England Senior Team World Class Potential: England Youth Teams International Player Development Centre (Women's Football Only) National Player Courses World Class Regional Player Courses / Development Squads Start: Regional Games (Women's Football) Centres of Excellence / Academies Charter Standard / Community Clubs Participation: Affiliated Junior / Youth Clubs National Curriculum / School Teams and Competitions (Including FA TOP Sport Football) Foundation: Mini League After LA / FITC LA / FITC Mini Soccer School Schemes Competitions/ Soccer Star Clubs Festivals Sponsorship Most sponsorships are paid for in cash, but in-kind sponsorship can be useful and effective. ...read more.


All clubs that meet the criteria and achieve FA Community Club status will receive a host of benefits, including: - FA Community Club Kitbag that includes balls, bibs, cones as well as an FA Community Club plaque - Opportunities for tickets for England youth and women's internationals. - Access to a bi-annual newsletter. Although gaining Community Club status cannot guarantee funding from the Football Foundation for facility improvement, gaining the kite-mark has already been a significant factor in assisting clubs funding applications by providing evidence of a commitment to providing a sporting facility for use by the entire community. Analysis/ Evaluation I think that football is improving in most ways although I do believe more money needs to be put into developing grassroots as this is the start for future stars of English football. In order for the nation to progress in football terms I believe the FA must invest in future talent, this means improving facilities, coaching and hiring more talent spotters. I think the situation with the provision for disable participants is excellent. I believe the FA is the best association in the world for providing provision for people with disabilities, this I emphasised by the fact the nation has six national teams for people of different disabilities. Women's football is becoming increasingly popular and this can only lead to better things as more spectators and more sponsorships means more funds for grassroots development, and maybe one day mixed competition. I believe that things look good for the nation in terms of football but if the country wants to continue to progress more money must go into grassroots development. ...read more.

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