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Local and National Provision.

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Local and National Provision In this essay I will show, and discuss the local and national provision for football. I will be exploring the provision for everyone in this sport, and to explain what helps the sport to develop. I will in addition, explore into the international scene to show how football, and its different provision on a worldwide basis. I will confer, how grass-roots development can help a local area. Also I will discuss the pathways for elite performers, to excel at football and become professionals. Then talk about the agencies and bodies involved in funding the sport. Commercial sponsorships have become an important element in football. This is certainly True in English football where, since the early 1980s, shirt and kit sponsorships have generated important revenues for clubs at all levels. For example arsenal f.c, come to a deal with SEGA, a big computer company, in which they would sponsor arsenals kit. This was reported to be around a 10 million deal. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/ There are many clubs locally, which play in Basildon, and Essex based leagues, * Southend district league * Thundamite leagues (based In basildon) ...read more.


It is renown-disabled f.c, as it has also gone internationally, competing in European tournaments. (www.chelsea.com/disabled) Most of the organisations around the u.k cater for all disabilities, made up respectively, of participants who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, amputees or have cerebral palsy or leaning difficulties. (Www.activeamp.org). The amputee category was one of the first established disabled games to be developed. One local club that has been running for over twenty years is Castle Point Sports Club for the Disabled (CPSCD), and currently has over one hundred members aging from 3 to 83.they do a very different range of sports from archery to darts and lots more. Sport England is an agency set up to develop English sports. It has a football foundation. Several associations, FA Premier League, the Football Association, Government, the New Opportunities Fund and Sport England, fund it. It invests heavily into grassroots developments. It helps to improve facilities at schools and local parks. The access for elite performers can be very easy in football. In the modern era, Elite Performers are getting picked up and spotted, by professional clubs, from a very young age. ...read more.


For example Tottenham hotspurs are funded by Thompson holiday company, which the money they have invested has been used to help fund the academy (www.tottenhamhotspur.com/business/finance.) You then might go on to represent this professional club, and then maybe get picked to represent your country. There are many schemes that have been put up to help finance and support grassroots' development in England. One scheme, which has been set up, is by the football association (FA). The FA have invested �30m a year into the game's grass roots. The aim is too produce more home grown talent by, higher standards and better pitches, changing-rooms and facilities for clubs. �4.5 million is being invested over 3 years in Mini-Soccer, to provide children with the best introduction to the game, which will eventually produce quality home grown talent (www.thefa.org.) Overall the National and international, provision for football is very well funded and recognised. I think the sport of football has been well developed. On and international level sport is played in most countries at a good level and is well respected. Grass root development is very good with a good view on what is needed to improve the current grass root structure. ...read more.

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