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Local and National Provision - Football

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Local and National Provision- Football In the U.K football is the largest participation sport, at all age groups. In this essay I am going to explain the complex hierarchy from grass roots level to international representation. The hierarchy is as follows: At the bottom of the hierarchy are those who play purely for their personal enjoyment, or just to keep fit. Whilst at the top we have those who are at a representational level, like playing for country. All competitive football in the U.K is run by the F.A. The F.A is the national governing body for football in the U.K. Other bodies around U.K include Nationwide Football League, Football Association Ireland and Scottish Football Association. The Football Association is the governing body of football in England. Formed in 1863, The F.A. is the oldest football governing body in the world. Today, it exists to develop and promote the game to men and women, boys and girls, of any race or creed, throughout the country. The F.A organises competions throught England, and develops laws of the sport. UEFA One of UEFA's responsibilities as a confederation of world football's governing body FIFA is to organise and stage European competitions for clubs and national teams. ...read more.


as a tool in the development of cohesive facility strategies and investment programmes; * Reviewing applications and considering recommendations by the FA's National Game Board on the appropriate level of grant aid and grant conditions having regard to public accountability; * Recommending criteria for national standards of facilities. Youth Football Development The Youth Football Development programme assists the 72 football league clubs in setting up academies and centres of excellence to develop the talents of local young people. The scheme will help develop talent from previously untapped sources and give young people the chance to fulfill their potential as footballers. The Youth Football Development prgoramme has been on-line for about nine months. The new strategy emphasises how the programme links closely with the aims and objectives of World Class Start in that the programme intends to identify and nurture young players who have the potential to go on to be top class sports people, and it, therefore falls under the World Class programme. The remaining costs are then divided equally between the FA Premier League and the Sport England Lottery Fund. The FA Premier League is match funding the programme pound for pound with Sport England's allocation of Lottery money. ...read more.


This number is still growing and with all the support that the Football Association give to promoting the sport the numbers will continue to grow for many years to come. Within the Development Scheme our aim is to offer girls of all ages and abilities the chance to play football within their local area. We are actively involved in school programmes across the city, working closely within the community to promote club links and give girls the opportunities to further their footballing career within F.A Coaching Centers and Centers of Excellence. In areas especially Birmingham within the Development Scheme there had been a good working relationships with many Primary and Secondary schools. They offer Curriculum and after school sessions to all schools in the Birmingham area and are currently promoting schemes in the Black Country. There main aim is to offer Girls football to as many schools as possible. Centres of Excellence A Centre of Excellence is the pinnacle of girl's football in the county; there will be four Centres running by September 2002. They are Coventry City, Birmingham City, Wolverhampton Wanderers and newly formed Aston Villa; these Centres are for the elite players within the area who have been assessed on their technical ability and attitude. The Centres of Excellence are the level of playing that all girls in the county should be aiming for. ...read more.

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