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Local and national provision football.

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Local and national provision football In this project I will be researching the provision of football in England, but mainly focussing on provision in my local area, Cambridge. I will be investigating the provision of football from the most basic level, being grassroots and looking at the opportunity available to progress to elite level. Also I will be looking into provision for women/girls and the disabled. Grass roots level: - grassroots is the most basic level of playing football, like playing at the local recreation ground with your friends; this then leads to a more competitive level like playing for a local club. The football association are good practice at grass roots level in football via their Charter Standard scheme so that parents and children can demand a minimum standard of provision from schools, clubs and holiday courses. Cambridge City is currently working with Cambridgeshire Football Association to help local schools receive their Charter Standard Mark. They are one of only 80 clubs in the United Kingdom to be awarded the Community Club status as recognition of their Football in the Community and Youth Development programmes. ...read more.


There are over 800 women's teams across England, playing 11-a-side competitive football every week. The top 34 women's football teams in England compete in The FA Nationwide Women's Premier League. Many women and girls are still unaware that there are clubs for them to join. In Cambridge there are various women's team's currently available most of which play in the Eastern Region league consisting of 3 leagues premier, division 1 and division 2. They are Cambridge United which have both 1st and reserve teams, Cambridge United Women's Football Club currently has around 110 players, 45 in the senior section and 65 in the juniors. Cambridge kestrels consisting of just one team, the majority of the squad came initially from the Cambridge United Women's Youth Team under-14 side. Cambridge city which is a newly developed club Formed in August 2000, evolved from Pye ladies and the girls coming form Cherry Hinton Crusaders who officially played in the mini soccer league, and also Cottenham Ladies Mini soccer: - Cambridgeshire Football Association run leagues for Girls Football at Under 11 to under 16, These leagues are 7 a side and play on a smaller pitch. ...read more.


I do feel there is a long way in the provision of football for girls and women, although leagues like the mini soccer league for girls is continually growing and soon will provide as many leagues as the boys, which is a big improvement. Women's football is a long Way off in becoming professional as there is only one club currently at professional status, which is Fulham ladies but with the country continuing to develop these academies like the one at Cambridge Regional College, allows women to reach their potentially both academically and in football, this is one step closer in making women's football professional. There is a lack of provision for disabled in Cambridge, but nationally is good, this I feel is not meeting the Football Association and English federation of disability sport requirements as they state that they want to give disabilities s equal opportunity in playing football, and with their not being a disability football club in Cambridge, this is not making disabled football equal. With the amount of funding provided to football the game is continually growing, allowing more children from an early age to participate in football, which is good. ...read more.

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