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Local and national provision for football.

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Local and National Provision * INTRODUCTION For my local and national provision project I have decided to do football. While this is not one of my chosen sports I felt that it would be both interesting and easier to find information about football. This is partly due to my limited knowledge of Badminton and Hockey games outside of the rules. In the United Kingdom the official estimate is that around 70 thousand boys play competitive football, playing either for their school or for a local club, within the age range of Under Eleven to Under Sixteen. While this sounds impressive, between the ages of nine and sixteen 500,000 boys play. Upon finding this figure I was even more surprised by the ratio of English to Foreign footballers playing within England's Premier League. In fact only 0.6% of those five hundred thousand early footballers register in football academies, and a further 1.2% in centres of excellence. This would go a long way to explaining the foreign dominance of the Premiership. Football is actually the sixth most popular participant sport in the UK, outstripping cricket as the most popular team sport. ...read more.


* WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Nationwide recently has announced that it is making a �750,000 investment into womens football. This money is to help to set up youth set ups all over the UK, to help the coaching of womens football. Research on behalf of the F.A has shown that 1.4 million girls have taken part in some sort of football activities on a regular basis. This survey found that 85 per cent of girls aged between seven and fifteen in england had taken part in some sort of football activity in recent months. As much as 65 per cent of that age group are playing at least once a week a figure of 1.4 million. The figures for 2001-2002 season was 90,000 girls played competitive football. The F.A are now aiming to get those girls involved in regular,organised club football through the new campaign 'join a squad' which also seeks to target those who have drifted away from the game in recent years. They will do this through advertisment through the world cup initial group stages and will direct them to the revamp and relauched F.A website. ...read more.


Everybody who would, or could wish to play football is catered for. We have the Premier League, first division, second division, third division, and amateur leagues. That's just the men! We also have leagues for girls, boys, women and disabled people. Football has an organised controlling body, the Football Association, who strive to provide facilities for anyone who might need them, and anybody is free to use them. It is the development of players that really is the only let down to the English system, with the coaching of players being sadly lacking. There are though moves to remedy that situation, with many of the major English clubs making efforts to develop their own players, by bringing them up through the ranks of their own clubs, and coaching them up to first team level. It is these efforts by English clubs that will hopefully bring the standard of England's international team up. A good example of a training camp that seems to be having some effect can be seen at Manchester United. The example set by them is exemplary with the nurturing of such players as David Beckham, Paul Scholes and the Neville Brothers being an image of the kind of talent that England can produce. ...read more.

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