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Local and National Provision for football.

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Local and National Provision Introduction In this investigation I will charter the progress of a talented performer, throughout the said performers career, allowing me to analyse the development of the performer from grass roots to area, county, regional and international level. I will also take into account appropriate provisions and programmed opportunities for both genders and performers with disabilities. At grass roots level the most significant contributor to the access a young performer has to sport is school and this is no different in football. 'Grass-roots' football in the United Kingdom is the responsibility of the 43 County Football Associations. These are independent bodies, which are affiliated to the Football Association, and are responsible for all aspects of the game at local level. One of the key tasks undertaken by County Football Associations is the affiliation of local competitions and leagues, registering players to clubs and the organisation of match officials and the administration of discipline. ...read more.


When researching football provision for women performers it is clear that this is inadequate. A survey was undertaken by the Football association in order to determine the state of this provision within the UK. The survey has revealed a lack of changing facilities, particularly for female footballers. Of the 21,067 sites, only 7% had dedicated female changing provision. The best areas for women and girls football provision are Guernsey, Herefordshire, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northamptonshire, and Wiltshire. The worst areas for women and girls football provision are Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, West Riding, Worcestershire. There are already a significant number of womens' football clubs in the UK. This number is increasing every day through publicity generated by films such as 'Bend it like Beckham'. However, this increase in popularity amongst girls and women is not being fully capitalised upon as women are not given the same opportunity to play football at school as boys. Also, the media coverage of womens' football is almost entirely non-existent and women professional footballers' pay is on a huge disparity with that of men. ...read more.


However the search for talent in the UK has and is still too much of a hit and miss affair despite the ever increasing opportunities and provision being made available. It is the development of players, which lets the provision down, as not enough players get through to the academy systems or centres of excellence as needed to build up the success of football internationally. There are however teams which show that young players can be brought through, like Manchester United (Beckham, Scholes, Neville G & P, etc), while others like Chelsea bring their talent in from abroad hoping for success. The diagram below is an overview of elite development in association football. Local Club Local School Centre of Excellence Area/district YTS County Level Youth Leagues Regional level Elite Performer National Selection Professional Career I feel that, as a country more players need to be brought through the ranks of football, either through academies, or by scouts signing them up to professional clubs where their talent can be nurtured through to playing professionally. ...read more.

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