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Local and National Provision for Football.

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Local and National Provision Assignment Football Football is enjoyed by millions of people every week, and The Football Association is committed to developing the game at all levels to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to play their part.The FA as it is known around the world run all levels of football, they have set up many different organisations to run different aspects and levels of football and the National game Division is one of them.The Football Association is the governing body of the game in England, and seeks to develop our sport at all levels under the vision of 'using the power of football to build a better future.' The Football Association has put in place a wide range of initiatives to develop the game at the grasroots level, through its National Game Division, which was established in 2000 to help incrase the quantity, quality and enjoyment of participation in football.The launch of the National Game Division of The F.A. in 2000 was the biggest news for grass-roots football in England since the foundation of The F.A. itself. The National Game Division may not be the association's most glamorous department but, with 40 staff, and a serious budget to spend on football's grass-roots, it is now the largest and one of the most important. ...read more.


Football acadamies are the pathways that take talented players to improve their game.Thirty-nine are currently in operation and it is mandatory for all clubs in the top flight to have an Academy. Nineteen Football League clubs also run Academies, which bring together the best young players to give them top quality coaching, development, education and medical care. The people that govern the game are the The FA's Governing Body Division, the Division is responsible for all legal, constitutional, regulatory, compliance and corporate governance issues, both internally and externally.Four sections provide administrative services to the game: Competitions, Registrations, Disciplinary and Refereeing, and this division run, co-ordinate and are responsible for them 4 factors. While the rest of the F.A take care of the tactical and playing side of the game this section takes care of the business side of the game. The F.A also takes care of the womens game.The principle aims of The FA are to maximise participation, increase opportunities and increase quality (for players, administrators, officials and coaches). The F.A's work on women's football fulfils all these objectives.Women's football is an integral part of the footballing world in England. The FA is committed to the development of the women's game from grassroots to the very top level. ...read more.


In each one of these sections the FA also organise Englands national squads. The FA dont really have much to do in making a good national team because they have already organised football leagues so the FA just look at the top teams and pick out the players who are good enough to play for there country. Once this squad was been picked in male, female football the FA provide the very best facilities and coaching for the players to use to develop their game even further. The F.A tackle the affect of age, gender, the ability of the performers and disablety with all the above, splitting the game into many different sections (e.g. leagues and divisions) and organising many events to make sure any one and everyone can play football and to make the game as enjoyable, fun but also competative as possible for everyone to watch and to play and with out the football association, football would not of evolved into Englands most popular game today. The FA organise and provide all this to grass root football up to elite football all over England, they have done this to maximise the participation level and to make sure every one has a chance to play football at whatever level they are at locally and nationally! Luke Hornsley ...read more.

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