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Local and national provision for Golf.

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Local and national provision for Golf Younger people are now hugely encouraged to take part in sport now because they are the countries future stars. One way in which this is helped is by making a reduced cost for younger people playing that sport. By doing this it creates a greater chance for more people to play sport. There are many ways in which children can start to play golf and begin very early in developing their game from a young age. Since the new arrival of Tiger Woods in 1997 the way in which golf is approached is completely different. Woods has brought a new look at athleticism to the game. Children are now being encouraged to play golf at a very young age like Tiger Woods. There is a golf development structure that is being used called "Get into golf" and the overall aim is to increase the participation in England, whilst still providing more opportunities for people who wish to sustain interest further by accessing membership to a golf club. ...read more.


They can also play in the Leslie F. Wood team event that is also a team competition but for men 8 handicapped players and above, but juniors are also eligible to play. The same goes for the Thornton cup but this is a scratch competition. If a players game is good enough they could then be selected for their county. When playing for the county you get the chance to play against other counties and also play in inter-county competitions. When you play for county there is usually a monthly training where you have the chance to have your game developed by PGA professionals. If you then proceed past this stage you can be selected for your country where you get to play in prestigious tournaments and matches against other countries. From here you can apply to go straight onto the tour without having to qualify. The other way in which you can get onto the PGA tour is by going through the qualifying school where you pay �1000 and have to go through 3 stages of qualification. ...read more.


There are competitions for each gender and competitors play off a handicap, which reflects the ability of the golfer. Playing off handicaps gives everyone a fair chance of winning even if they are not as good as some of the others. Even when you get to professional golf there are separate tours gives are of different qualities. These consist of ; European tour, European seniors, European challenge tour, US tour, LPGA tour and Ladies European tour. These are for men, women and seniors of all different abilities. Golfers with disabilities are making their presence felt in tournaments and during casual rounds. The new modifications to the rules enable players with different disabilities to compete as equals with each other and with able-bodied players. One such example is the allowance of blind golfers to rest the head of their club on the sand and against the ball while playing from a sand trap which allows them to locate the ball. Golf is one of many changing sports that are changing the rules for the disabled so that they can enjoy the game like everyone else that plays. . ...read more.

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