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Local and national provision for sports.

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Contents ?Grassroots ??Provision for pathways for elite performers ??Additional agencies and bodies ??Provision for male/female competitors ??Provision for disabled participants- local/elite ??Critical analysis Grassroots development The Outdoor Basketball Initiative (OBI) was commenced six years ago to meet the new demand for access to affordable basketball facilities for casual participation. This has led to an increase in the number of people playing the sport as it has spark fresh interest from local English individuals at an amateur level. Its main financial support comes from Sport England who gave a massive cash injection of �10million, which made the proposed installation of 9000 new outdoor OBI goals a viable prospect. The OBI scheme has also firmly put basketball on the agenda of literally every local authority in the country who are now also looking at how they can raise the bar set by the new provisions by OBI, further increasing the level of funding and profile of basketball in England. Adidas has also committed funding to the project, which has enabled the implementation of an integrated OBI development programme led buy the OBI National Development Manager. ...read more.


When these individuals reach a level where it is possible to step up to the professional level, those who take over are the England Basketball Regional Development Mangers. These managers working in association with their regional management committees develop the performance pathways for young people in England, through things such as the inter-regional competitions. Their aims are to: Establish a regional representative youth basketball programme, by the development of county and regional representative teams. To... -provide opportunities for training of coaches and officials at higher levels -increase participation at regional level -assist National Team coaches in talent identification. In addition to the plans to implement a much improved identification and selection process, Sport England has also come up with proposals for a number of governing bodies, as well as regional consortiums, in order to provide a new tier of events. All this will be under the working title of Active Sports Talent Camps. These will all eventually give the young sportspeople the opportunity to easily break into the professional game, either through scouting or youth academies. ...read more.


Provision for disabled participants The regional talent camps mentioned earlier are being used to target U19 wheelchair players, whom under normal circumstances would find it extremely difficult to play at an advanced level. It will be run in the form of camps which, under the supervision of the national basketball coach Laszlo Nemeth, will aim to transform the scheme into a fast-track system to identify the most talented young players. This will enable them to move into the National Teams programme. Examples of the equipment used by disabled athletes in basketball are below: Critical analysis and evaluation All in all the provision of basketball in the UK, and more specifically, England, is improving vastly. It has not yet gained a following to match that of the other major sports after football, such as rugby or cricket; however it has to be said that at the current rate of growth the sport is set to become one of the country's biggest sports. Also, the structural preparation conducted by those in charge has ensured that there will be continued success by the nations clubs such as the MK Lions basketball team. Yannick Ocloo 12 Neumann - 1 - ...read more.

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