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Local and National Provision for Swimming.

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Local and National Provision for Swimming The amateur swimming association (ASA) is the governing body for the sport of swimming, synchronised swimming, open water swimming, diving and water polo in England. But I am mainly going to look at competitive swimming. The ASA organises competition throughout England, establishes the laws of the sport and operates comprehensive certification and education programmes for teachers, coaches and officials as well as its renowned Learn To Swim Awards scheme. It is one of the constituent members of the Amateur Swimming Federation of Great Britain (ASFGB).. It promotes the teaching and practice of swimming and raises public awareness of the sport. There is also a body responsible for running and organising competitions for schools swimming. This is the English Schools Swimming Association (ESSA). There are almost 1600 swimming clubs in England. These ranges from small clubs concentrating on the teaching of swimming to large clubs whose membership are engaged in all disciplines of the sport. There are fourteen 50m swimming pools available to swimmers in England, of these five have opened in the last two years and five are over 30 years old. ...read more.


The funding for ESSA comes from a private sponsor called Bazooka. The national provision for developing elite athletes and coaches is through the world class programme. It is envisaged that for the time that they are in the programme they will grow from an educational/motivational based programme into a skilled independent mature trainer and competitor ready to handle and cope with challenges of the senior national team, prior to making the team. This includes developing skills needed to ultimately represent the GB team at major competitions (Olympic Games and World Championships etc.). Selection for the World Class programmme is dependant on performance at National Age Group, National Youth and National Senior Championships. For World Class Performance selection one is required to be ranked in the top 25 in the world for their Olympic event. On a local level, if one wins a medal at district championships they are eligible for selection for district training camps. Disability Swimming now receives support from the World Class Programme. This develops skills needed to ultimately represent the GB team at major competitions (Paralympics etc.). ...read more.


To qualify as a master's swimmer one needs only to be over 25 years of age. There are some 5000 master's swimmers around the country. Masters competitions have 5-year age bands from 25-29 and upwards as is required. For those with a lower standard of swimming there are 'B' competitions available where if one swims too fast i.e. below a specified time, they are disqualified. In all competitions males and females swim in separate races and also have different qualifying times to competitions. For fitness or recreational purposes a person can be guided by a programme called Swimfit. It caters for all ages and abilities. But it allows people to develop their health and fitness. British swimming has seen many improvements over the last 4 years since the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. This was because Bill Sweetnam was appointed director of swimming for the UK and introduced many Australian trends. This has allowed the British team to compete at almost the same level as the Australians and Americans, however there are still problems within the UK such as lack of 50 metre pools and a decreasing popularity of the sport. To achieve our full potential we need to address these problems soon. Word Count 1004 Henry Kruczko ...read more.

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