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Local and national provision in Rugby.

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Local And National Provision In Rugby. Alex Pike In rugby there has always been a strong view to take players from a young age and educate them about rugby. In England rugby is the second most popular sport following rugby but still there are the same principals of taking players at a young age by spotting potential and turning them from amateurs to professional. In the south west rugby is the most popular sport with 3 major clubs playing in the Zurich Premiership. With these clubs this brings intrest to the area and therefore many local amateur clubs have developed. Gloucester has many local clubs that take children as young as 6 and then take them to senior level. Gloucester has 12 major clubs that do this process. This gives the chance to younger players to play week in and week out and this will help them to become elite rugby players Junior club rugby Junior rugby is the start to a rugby players career and involves training mostly. ...read more.


Between county, south west and England it is most likely that an academy scout will be looking for players. All teams in the Premiership have a youth academy which will train players to play for the senior team. Players in mid-teens who reach the academy normally at least play for the county. Club rugby If a player stays with his teams academy then he will be able to proceed up the ranks and make the 1st team. This will normally happen when the player is about 21 but if the youth coach thinks they are ready then they will be selected earlier. Depending on how a player performs against other Premiership teams then they may be selected to go to the England training camp. This is normally a squad of about 50. These 50 players will be able to train with the best coaches in the game and will get to know other players they may be playing with. After about 4 weeks the England training squad is split into 2 squads, the England squad and the England "A" squad. ...read more.


Wheelchair Rugby is the only team game for tetraplegics of all levels, or those with an upper limb impairment. If you can push a chair then you can play! They co-ordinate and develop the sport of wheelchair Rugby in the United Kingdom. They also run a National League and select GB teams for International events. There are various clubs nationwide. Women Rugby Players Women rugby has developed a lot in the past 5 years. Women are now accepted in the game and we can see this through many local teams that have a women's team. There is also a women's rugby team at international level providing a chance to prove themselves and the chance to play at elite level. Women's rugby as become popular because young women are starting to see other women playing rugby and these will act as role models for young rugby players. The women's game is also shown in the media and this will also encourage other women to play. There are also the equivalent of the Zurich Premiership for women today and women have a 6 nations tournament. Women have their own teams now and they are able to be praised for their sporting performances the same men are. ...read more.

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