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Local and National Provision of Basketball.

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AS PE Coursework - Local and National Provision of Basketball Local Provision: Basketball Facilities in Haringey: There are a number of all-weather basketball courts open to the public within Haringey. These include Priory Park, Hartington Park, Finsbury Park, Ducketts Common, Down Lane Recreation Ground, Downhills Park, Chestnuts Park, Bruce Castle Park and Albert Road Recreation Ground. All these locations are open through daylight hours and are well maintained. Primary and secondary-aged children can get involved in the sport either in their schools - the Greig City Academy which has a sports specialism (and holds Haringey's only basketball team for girls/women) has recently employed a professional player to coach the students - or by participating in out-of-school workshops at places such as Durnsford Sports Centre (N22), New River Sports Centre (N22) or Tottenham Green Leisure Centre (N22). Under-12s can contact the Mini Basketball England (MBE) - one of the 14 National Associations for basketball. Secondary school children can contact the English Schools Basketball Association (ESBBA). Who Funds Basketball? Major sponsors include the English Basketball Association (EBBA), Sport England (SE), the Capital Lottery Programme (CLP) ...read more.


There are 10 BBL teams including the London Towers, the Birmingham Bullets and the Newcastle Eagles. Stage 5. BBL players often advance to national level and play for the national teams of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Stage 6. British players who are good enough often go to an American university and play in the 'Division 1 League' eg Britain's top player Luol Deng began there, so that they can participate in the American university league - second only to America's top tournament the National Basketball Association (NBA). If they don't make it to an NBA team then they will probably go and play for a team in Europe or else go back to 'Stage 5.' How the EBBA is trying to Improve Levels of Achievement in the Sport: Founded in 1936, the EBBA is the governing body for all basketball in England. It runs the national teams and organises all of the national basketball competitions, it seeks to develop excellence in trainers and coaches and helps clubs to find funding. It produces a wide range of books and journals, including a bi-monthly newspaper 'Zone Press', as well as manuals on coaching and refereeing. ...read more.


However, there are more opportunities for men - for example in Haringey there are six clubs for boys and men and only one for girls and women. Is Basketball Being Developed Well? Despite the best efforts of the various UK basketball associations - and they are indeed impressive - it has to be concluded that in terms of national impact they have not, as yet, succeeded. Perhaps the key to becoming a major national sport is securing prime-time television coverage (as it is what attracts the youth), as for example in the United States, and this so far the UK associations have failed to do. There is also a question about the generally poor state of public sports facilities and opportunities in this country (which can only be improved through financial assistance), compared certainly to Europe, and this too has had an adverse effect on the development of British basketball. Despite these problems, the real reason that British basketball is not excelling to the extent that it should be is because the EBBA is being run by incompetent people exemplified by the fact that Britain presently has no international team, and until the EBBA becomes a well run organisation there is no real chance for facilities and standards to improve. 1 ...read more.

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