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Local and National provision of Football

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Physical Education Coursework Local and National provision of Football Grassroots The Football Foundation brings together The F.A, Premier League and Government in a partnership for its funding at grassroots level. This body is designed to fund development of children's football to help them recognise their sporting potential. The F.A put �7million into the Foundation, with the sum certain to rise significantly in the future. The main beneficiaries of initial funding will be projects to develop facilities such as pitches and changing rooms. Mini Soccer is The FA's approved form of football for the under 10s, using small-sided non-competitive games to encourage a fun introduction to football. With no winners or losers, teams play a maximum of 1 hour of football each. The emphasis is on enjoyment and participation. To help encourage good grassroots development the F.A developed a charter. This seeks to reward and encourage good practice so that parents and children can demand a minimum standard of provision from schools, clubs and holiday courses Local provision In my area football is catered for quite well, not because all you need is an empty field and two goals. ...read more.


If they impress the coach then they will be asked to play football for that team which may mean a progression up to a better standard of football. Below is hierarchical football structure. School level- players of mixed abilities. At this stage you don't have to be good you just need to be committed. District -e.g. Hounslow County- e.g. Middlesex Regional- e.g. South England U18's- national under 18 squad if they are under 18 U21's - national under 21squad if they are under 21 Full national team- then they will progress to the national. There are also some professional leagues starting with the premier league with 20 top teams. Then there are 3 lower divisions and numerous semi-pro leagues and cup competitions. Funding The Football Association, a non-profit making body, is the major source of financial support for the development of football. Much of The FA's funding work takes place at the grassroots levels of the game, and concentrates on clubs and organisations for whom developing and improving facilities is the priority. ...read more.


At the moment, disabled football in England suffers from the absence of any structured. Players have to resort to informal games with other disabled teams. The FA is backing a scheme administered by the English Federation of Disability Sport, whose aim is to maximise participation and opportunities and support. The FA wants to establish a proper competitive structure based on club competitions and tournaments. Analysis Although Football has the most funding and provision in the country I think that we are far behind other countries. Countries like Holland start scouting and training children as young as five and continually develop them till they're technically brilliant. To help us do this I think the government and the premiership should give more money to the FA, so those football academies can recruit more talent from younger age and from a wider range of groups. Also we need to improve facilities so disabilities people have more access to play football and more specially trained coaches. The FA should set up a national league so that disabled people can have a chance to play football competitively which will improve the disabled game. ...read more.

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