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Local and National Provision of football in the UK.

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Local and National Provision of football in the UK Football in the UK is governed by the Football Association (FA) which is responsible for ensuring the laws of the game are used and that rules and regulations for running football are applied by officials, clubs and players. At grass roots level (local level) there are 43 county football associations, these are independent and affiliated to the FA. The Kent FA carries out tasks such as organisation of competition and leagues; registration of players and match officials and development of football at local level in conjugation with the Sports Development officers of the local Borough Councils. Union European Football Association (UEFA) is the Governing body of European Football, and is linked with the top federations of each county e.g. FA. Federation International Football Association (FIFA), is the international governing body of football and is linked with the UFEA. The structure of European Sport is shown in a pyramid (see appendix 1). Grass roots level is the first level of participation where a footballer plays for fun and recreation. This includes schools, local clubs and local leagues. In this area, Tonbridge, the facilities for playing football at grass roots are good, as there are two large areas of marked out football pitches, Tonbridge Park and North Farm. ...read more.


Girl's football in the UK has become more popular over the last few years. The provision for girls to play football has also increased. Up to the age of 11 a girl can play football with boys and now at primary school level this is often the case. In Kent there is one girls league, Kent Girls league for under 8 - 15. Unlike boys the FA rules states girls have to play 7 a - side football until the age of 14 whereas it is 11 for boys. The number of clubs available for girls is very limited in Kent (see appendix 4). The professional clubs in the men's game, to improve the profile of female football, have introduced Centres of Excellence. The players are often scouted like boys between the age of 11 - 16; Charlton Athletic and Arsenal are example in the south east. Sports England introduced an initiative to promote specific sports, the programme was called Active Sports, and it included female football. The local Borough Councils, set up teams of girls between the age of 14-16, they had to live or go to school in the Borough. Once a week there were training sessions until in the summer the County Youth Games were held, for all the Active Sports. ...read more.


The club coach has learnt basic sign language and always speaks in front of the player as she can lip read. Players use signs and symbols to communicate with her during the match and training. Before each match the referee and other team have to be advised, as she cannot hear the whistle. The provision for football in the UK is good, as there are boys/men's leagues and girls/women's league, both professional and amateur. The facilities are open to everyone, and the grass root level is good. However the development of players is not so good as top clubs in the Premiership buy in their players from around the world. Often in the UK the local provision is very dependent on volunteers. This is also often the case at the county level, so if there is no volunteer to run it, it doesn't happen so that area then suffers as the player's talent is not spotted and nurtured. However in France all public companies are expected to invest small percentage of the profits to a sports development fund which takes care of sports needs below international level. This clearly must have help as the French National football team won the world cup in 2000. Also many English clubs such as last seasons double winners of the Premiership and FA Cup, Arsenal FC, have a French manager and a French Captain along with other French players. ...read more.

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