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Local and National Provision of Hurling

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Local and National Provision of Hurling By Kevin McCabe In this essay I will look at how Hurling is provided for in Belfast at grassroots level to representative level. I will also examine if there is any provision for those with disabilities to play Hurling and I will examine if there is any provision for different gender groups. I will then see what provision is available to play Hurling at national level and see how excellence is developed. The national governing body of hurling is the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The National Organisation (G.A.A.) is run by Central Council (�rd Comhairle), with the Management Committee (Coiste Bainist�) controlling day-to-day affairs. They run the All-Ireland series of the club and county championships, and look after the Railway Cup competition. The Provincial Councils are the organisations responsible for the arrangement of G.A.A. matters within their Province. They organise the Provincial Championships for clubs and counties in both hurling and football, and look after organisational and disciplinary matters in their jurisdiction. Each of the thirty-two counties in Ireland organises its own GAA affairs through a County Board. Counties have a number of Divisional or Juvenile Boards to organise competitions at district and youth levels. ...read more.


There is also a seven-a-side tournament held every year. In clubs from U8 there is coaching for all children that turn up on a Saturday morning. At both U8 and U10 there will be training, hurling blitzes and challenge games. At this age group the emphasis is purely on fun with nothing being taken too seriously, however, it is at this age that most of the fundamental skills will be learnt. From ages eleven to eighteen there is a number of inter-school championships. However, there is no championship for year 8 pupils. For sixth formers there is also the all-star award which is an award where the best players are put together in a team. At this age, and up to twenty-one, there is a lot of activity in clubs. There leagues and championships for all age groups in local area, county, province and all Ireland. The best players from each club are sent to a county development squad, and it is from these players that the county team will be selected. At senior level, those players at University or College will take part in a Championship for all colleges in Ireland. ...read more.


At primary school level there would often be both boys and girls on the hurling team. As they get older many girls will join camogie teams with their own leagues and championships. Girls will follow much the same path as boys to elite level. Whilst on the surface there would appear to be no gender issues you only have to look at the television coverage to see that the only camogie televised is the championship final. Camogie is not as high profile as hurling is. In this assignment I have looked at the local and national provision of Hurling. I initially looked at the structure of the GAA. I then looked at how hurling is provided for from an early age at both club and school level through until the reach the peak of their senior inter-county career. However, there is room for improvement, at the minute there is no competition for year 8 pupils, which needs to be addressed. There is also a problem due to the lack of promotion of camogie and also the lack of participation of disabled people. In conclusion I feel that despite these problems, there is adequate provision of hurling in Belfast and that, on the whole, hurling has a very strong foundation to continue for many years to come. ...read more.

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