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Local and National Provision of Women's Cricket.

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Beth Shakesheff Local and National Provision of Women's Cricket Women's cricket is a recent revelation in terms of development. It has not been a very high profile game however with the aid of lottery funding and enthusiastic kids it has started to become more popular. Women's cricket does not work the same way as men's necessarily. They are similar in the way they are run; but the stages of progression do not follow in the same order. As the men's game tend to go as followed: school, club, county, international; Women's tend not to follow that pattern as cricket is played at a very different level to men. In recent years there has been a new level added - "the Super Fours" which is the last sage before England selections. The pattern it runs as is as followed: school, club, county, and then Senior County, Super Fours and then International representation. The men's game is more high profile with television coverage not just on sky at even county level. As Men's cricket is well supported by fans all over the country to their own counties; it became not only as a sport but a social gathering also; which inevitable brings in more fans to support which is the aim of any team. ...read more.


This team is usually a mixture of ages right from U 18's right down to U 11's as there is such a short supply off people keen. Teachers will then go on to recommend Women's clubs in the region to encourage them to play more, at weekends and go to training practices or even chose some for county trials. This is the only real way to get involved in the game at a younger age - through teachers, or through family encouragement. Once at club the girls are able to develop the basic skills they have learned so far at school; and become stronger in skill and knowledge of the game through experience of playing games and practicing more regularly. Clubs are often set up as two main teams; this is dependant upon the size of the club however. There will be the 1stXI side which will mainly consist of older more experienced players; and then the 2ndXI who are those not quite good enough for the 1sts, yet still get to practice and improve. There are no age restrictions as far as taking part in the game; the player can be as younger or as ...read more.


This is a weeks tournament where are counties that want to take part stay in Cambridge and play one another in their own pools to then go on to a Semi-final and Final. At this competition there are many England scouts looking out for good players; to invite along to England development squads. However in the last couple of years; things have changed quite a lot, as there seemed to be a too larger jump of standard from county to England. Therefore they invented the "Super Fours"; these players and tames are selected by England Coaches; and this is a tournament that takes place by the 48 best players in the Country. It is merely not enough for someone to be good at Senior County level, now if they are not selected for Super Fours they do not stand much chance of being selected for England. The Women's game along with the Men's and many other sports are funded mainly by the lottery. Their aim is to extend access and participation, increase skill and creativity and to help communities which collectively improve the country able to give all the opportunities to take part in what they want to do. ...read more.

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