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Local and National Provision- Squash

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Luke Vaggers Local and National Provision- SQUASH- Task 4 22/12/01 In this essay the sport squash will be looked at, at a local level for me and at higher levels through the National Governing Body, England Squash. More specifically England Squash will be examined to see how it is funded, what schemes it runs i.e. how it helps to develop the sport for all players, from the top level to the disabled. Local Level- In Truro in Cornwall there is one privately run squash club that provides a lot for its members. There is a junior coaching session on Saturday's and there are internal leagues for juniors and adults of all standards to enter and play each other. Team squash is for the more able player where tough games are played all over the county. There is a healthy development system in hand and coaching is readily available for any member. There is also a school in Truro, which provides two courts for all pupils and any members. Unfortunately the local authorities have not got a club open themselves to the general public and so it is difficult for the majority of people to play, this is one negative point about the provision in Truro. ...read more.


The scheme presents bronze, silver and gold awards to clubs when England Squash criteria has been met and verified. The programme is sponsored by Unsquashable who provides equipment and prizes for the juniors. So far it has been a success and the number of children playing has greatly increased since the schemes introduction. The second scheme is the 'Top Squash Programme' this involves the linking of clubs with schools to encourage children from schools to take up squash. Going up to the next level, there is also a County Association Support Scheme, which runs to ensure county activity increases and informs and updates counties on appropriate policies and procedures. A set of criteria was set out in recent meetings that can now be worked towards in every individual county to improve standards. In the past there has been very little funding for players at a higher level with only the elite who represent their countries being given aid. However now 18 selected players, of over 18 years of age, receive aid through the World Performance Plan that is now being extended to include juniors (15 to 19 year olds) ...read more.


similarly runs tournaments and provides information to female members about the world of squash. The WSF (World Squash Federation) helps supports current players and potentially elite players for the future. Another area that England squash must deal with to fulfil their major aim in increasing participation is the disabled. There is an English Deaf Squash Association and England Squash are connected to the fight for Sight Organisation, through coaching courses and training days deaf children can play and progress to whatever level. Unfortunately after some investigation into the local area I have found that Truro Squash Club is not currently trying to increase disabled participation in anyway, there are no schemes running which is another negative point about the provision in Truro and I am sure this is the case with many other clubs in Cornwall as well. After the initial boom of squash in the 70's the number of people playing squash has been on a decline, squash suffers because it is not a TV friendly sport, but recently after a new BskyB deal the number of squash tournaments on the TV has greatly increased and with development schemes like ones running in Cornwall and with similar ones running all over the country undoubtedly participation will increase. Word Count: 998 ...read more.

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