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Local and national provision task.

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Local and national provision task National governing body is one of the biggest influences on children and parents today. NGB does a lot of work on how to improve grassroots in football .A lot of focus has been put on women's football and development of their amateur football. The football association has welcomed the news that its partner Nationwide is making a 750,000 investment into womens football. This money is to help the set up youth set ups all over england to help the development of womens football. Research on behalf of the F.A has shown that 1.4 million girls have taken part in some sort of footballing activities on regular basis. This survey found that 85 per cent of girls aged 7-15 in england took part in some sort of football activity in recent months.As much as 65 per cent of that age group are playing at least once a week a figure of 1.4 million.The figures for 2001-2002 season was 90,000 girls played competitive football. ...read more.


This money will go towards higher standard of pitches, changing rooms and facilities for clubs across England. Steve Parkin 'directorof the national game' points out the part womens footballis now the th biggest sport for women in the country, approximately 90,000 registered women and girls playing. This is still growing so we have to keep. This developing and put more money into womens football' The F.A have a fantastic programe called 'F.A top sport football' which is designed to benefit every 'school kid.' The F.A will invest �6 Million pound over three years to provide all primary and special schools with football equipment teacher training and resources. There are lots of schemes set up at schools and local communities. Football is one of the biggest oppertunities where children go and have fun and educational few days of football with ex footballers and coaches. The F.A also set up schemes like give racism the red card to influences all ethnic backgrounds to get involved in football. ...read more.


Also the money is going into lots of other scemes all other the country for male, female and disabled people. Like Thackley Football team getting new flood lights and farsley Celtic getting new indoor and outdoor training facilites. Sport England and the national lotery are pumping another 8 million ppounds to set up new leagues and teams for women ands girls. To give them the better oppertunites in football. Also big commercial companies donate money into schemes and in exchange they get advertisement. These companies may sponsor leagues, cups all over the world to give them a wide range of advertisement. The big schemes is football in the community and this goes on all over Enganed and coca cola sponsors this scheme gibving money back in the community. Another way of advertisement that is used very often is advertising at football games. This happens from the premiership to the west riding county amateur football clubs. These clubs will get payed different amounts of money dippending on the amount of advertisement. These advertisements could be seen on t.v and could have millions of people watching. ...read more.

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