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UNIT 2: Task 4 March 2005 LOCAL & NATIONAL PROVISION OF TENNIS Local Area: Cambridge NAME: Daniel Hanfling Perriton Introduction This assignment provides insight into the provision of Tennis at a local and national level. Cambridge has over 50 tennis courts spread out between 5 clubs/sports centres. There has been a huge increase in the number of tennis courts available to the public over the past couple of years due to the new structure of the Cambridge Tennis Association and how focus has shifted from county to club tennis. Provision Pathways for Elite Performers * Tour - WTA/ATP computer rankings and results * Intermediate Squads - competitive performance * LTA Academies - international competitive performance/ assessment of performance * National Futures - national road show and assessment * County Futures - county road show, tournament performance/rating * Club Futures Seeing as the LTA have decided to put much more focus on club players and are constantly pumping up to �15,000 into their High Performance Programme, there is more and more opportunities for those club players to be noticed without having to take the step into county tennis. Although there are a lot of different standards they are all quite clear in how much you have to improve to make the next step. ...read more.


His beliefs are that every child should have the opportunity to play tennis, irrespective of background, colour or creed. Established in 1991, The Cliff Richard Tennis Foundation is a registered charity with a mission to take tennis direct to children in state primary schools, encouraging as many children as possible to develop an interest in the game. Through his Tennis Trail over 300,000 children have been introduced to tennis and this year the Trail will visit some 100 schools, reaching a further 15,000 children. The charity provides primary schools, across the UK, with free equipment and follow-on coaching. With the fundraising campaign, 'Kids on Court', the aim is to take tennis to even more children, with new initiatives being launched later this year which will make tennis accessible to everyone. Additional Agencies and Bodies Team GB is currently sponsored by company called 'Marsh' which fund their Davis Cup team and their Fed Cup team. They also have a sponsorship deal with 'Ariel' who are currently trying to raise a new generation of tennis. There is a major advantage here as this means the sport does not heavily rely on lottery funding as a main source for grants and extra money. ...read more.


There is already quite a lot of money being put into disable tennis and is being distributed around the country which is significantly improving the sport all the time. Evaluation Overall, tennis is quite well provided for at both local and national level. There is suddenly more money being invested in the sport and since the shift of focus from county to club level there is more and more opportunities opening up for young club players. There are a lot of courts around but not that many indoor courts, which is quite a big problem in the UK due to the bad weather. The one key issue that needs to be addressed at a local level is the amount of resources disabled people have at their disposal. Clubs need to make more plying time available to disabled people and need to get more coaches that are able to teach the sport to disabled players. Although there is currently a big push to find more young talent that could be the face of future national tennis, at the moment there is not that many world class British tennis players which has been shown by the continuous failure of any British players to win a Grand Slam. ...read more.

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